This is the introduction of the 787 Dreamliner at the 2007 Managers conference.

Copyright NWA Inc. 2007


  1. The A380 is not practical airplane because there are two levels and you'll need to use two jet bridge to unload. If u use oen jet bridge it talks a very long time to fully unload. Also no airport can really handle the Airbus. And the plaine is a gas hoge. Plus one 777 engine is more power and fuel-efficient Then all four of the a380.

  2. We were leaders, unfortunately our "leaders" sold us out and "merged" with Delta. There really is no such thing as a merger due one airline survives and the other goes away forever taking all that history with it. NWA had one of the best histories and people in the industry and that will never be replaced. Enjoy your regional jet flights and no amenities. The airline industry is truly dead.

  3. Too bad NWA never got the 787…but then why did DAL not decide to keep being the launch customer? They aren't getting the 787 for another 8 years, I heard…

  4. I would have loved to see a red tailed 787 operating in Tokyo Narita… Without NWA Narita isn't the same anymore! NWA kinda represented the bridge between Japan and the US.

  5. @Daniel7681 I'm flying on delta to LAX for TCA.
    Anyways my dad was only a Tax analyst 🙁 Still me and my dad get Free first class for life!

  6. @Greatshow09 Nice, was your dad a pilot for them? I loved NWA. Living near Detroit, anytime I used to fly it always seemed to be with them (their hub being Detroit). I like Delta just as well though, in fact gonna be flying with them this Sunday to Seattle. Just found this video ironic… haha 🙂

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