Hey guys, finally a new report on my channel! We are now more than 1’000, thank you so much! This review shows my last and cheapest transatlantic flight. The price for this flight only (part of a return ticket) was 100 USD only. The overall price for the return ticket was 290 USD which is totally insane! I was actually very impressed with Norwegian: Dreamliner, pretty good seat pitch, smiling crew, great system to order food/drinks onboard and a great IFE!

I was surprised to see that the difference between this product and the ones offered by european and american legacy carriers is not that important in economy class (the main difference being the free food and hold luggage). That’s why, if I ever get the chance to travel for that price again on Norwegian, I would not hesitate!

Hope you will enjoy 🙂

Hey guys, welcome to this new A380 report. This was the first time for me on Emirates, and I have to admit that rumors were true : this was absolutely stunning ! The crew was smiley and helpful, food was excellent and sizeable, the cabin was really nice, wide seat pitch and amazing lighting !

As you will see, I tried to put together a new jingle. Let me know what you think !

Please enjoy 🙂


Airline: Norwegian Long Haul, DY, NAX
Airport of departure: London Gatwick Airport, LGW, EGKK
Airport of arrival: Boston Logan International Airport, BOS, KBOS
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Registration number: LN-LNB
First flight: August 3rd, 2013
Engines: Rolls Royce Trent 1000
Flight Number: DY7148
Date: April 3rd, 2016
Flight duration: 5h35

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  1. Best value for money in the industry. Flown several times with Norwegian both on short and long haul. Always new aircraft, on time to great fares. -Disregard negative comments here, they're guranteed employed by competitors of Norwegian.

  2. Norwegian run a scam operation, they describe themselves as a low cost airline but they are anything but, especially on long haul routes. For example, their basic ticket price from Bangkok to European destinations is often no cheaper than full-service carriers. However they then charge for checked baggage (not many people fly long haul with only carry on bags) so straight away the price goes up considerably, then they charge in advance for a meal (most people will want to eat on a 12 hour flight) and of course charge for drinks once you're onboard (most people like a drink on a 12 hour flight).
    So..if the basic ticket price was already no cheaper than PROPER airlines it all works out much more expensive overall.
    Their business model might work on very short flights if you have no baggage and can go without food/drink for a couple of hours, but on long haul FORGET ABOUT BOOKING SCAM NORWEGIAN.
    Ps. Their website is crap too.

  3. Just did the same flight.Boston London and back. Good video. Had emergency exit seats with lots of legroom, but normal econ seats had plenty to. We had a diversion to Gander due to sick person. Apparently front of aircraft was really cold with the door open to the elements in the middle of January!

  4. This airline possibly appeals to young morons who seem to assume that fiddling with screens, phones etc. is cool. There's no way I'd pay for something to eat or drink before I've even seen it by using my credit card. Receipt?

  5. I'm booked on a return flight from Gatwick to Logan on one of these Norwegian 787's next April. I'm not an experienced air traveler so I don't really know what to expect. I paid an extra £100 for a window seat reservation with a meal of some sort. No idea if that was a wise choice. The main reason I did so was the baggage! I naturally assumed that everyone takes a case and has it put in the luggage hold. Any advice would be welcome.

  6. Outstanding flight video! I like the way the cuts are done. The video is kept interesting the whole time with just the right balance of onboard and exterior footage. Music was pretty good too. Well done!

  7. Awesome Trip Report! What are Norwegian 787 Dream)liners like then? Was the IFE free ? What was the onboard catering like? Again , amazing report!

  8. Cool video thanks for sharing I'm taking the exact same flight on this plane in November. I've been on the Dreamliner before they are an awesome aircraft. Did you order a meal by the way?

  9. @2fly2 i am curious do you actually fly to all those places personally or you get people to review and send them to you ?

  10. edite: sorry man tried to be a ttroll but i couldnt.
    it would be admirable and much more attractive to us the veiwers if you diversiify in your usage of adjectives to describe something you like. using "nice" too much is a bit simplistic.

  11. how long were you delayed for the gate hold? looks like a great flight and what a price, i only wish my parents lived close enough to LGW to make it worth it.. come on BHX… you gotta get with the program and not survive just on connections to DUB on EI…

  12. Good day 2F2, really liked your newest video. Glad to see some footage on DY's big bird. I didn't know they also do routes ex-London? For that price I wouldn't hesitate either! Pretty interesting to see how drinks and food are done, did you also get your order fast delivered then? Cheers, TFS

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