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After an absolutely incredible trip across the USA it was finally time to head home. On the exact same aircraft that flew me from London to New York a few week prior to this. Another absolutely spot on flight with Norwegian, amazing value for price and the onboard service and facilities are on point with all other trans-atlantic flyers which you’d pay 3x the price for. The routing didn’t take us as far north as I would usually expect, the captain mentioned that we were going to join the jetstream which was lower down than usual so we didn’t go right up over Greenland like the route often does for this flight. This was also my first time performing a Go-Around! During our approach at Gatwick a Virgin 747 was still on the runway which can be seen in the video so the right decision was made to abort.

03:46 – Engine Start
09:40 – Take Off into the Sunset!
14:40 – Incredible views & Stunning sunset!
30:14 – Sunrise starting to show over the Atlantic
34:28 – South Coast of Ireland
38:05 – South Coast of Britain
39:10 – Isle Of Wight
40:10 – Portsmouth
53:20 – Go Around & Views of Gatwick & the Virgin 747 which caused it!
55:31 – Captains Announcement about the Go Around
01:00:40 – Final Approach & Successful landing RWY08R

Airline: Norwegian
Flight Number: DY7096
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Reg: EI-LNG (Their newest Dreamliner currently!)
Seat: 7A
Departure Time: 18:35
Date: 14th & 15th September 2014
Departure Runway: RWY25R
Arrival Runway: RWY08R
Max. Cruising Alt: 43,000ft (FL430)
Flight Duration: 10 hours (approx.)
Reason For Go-Around: Aircraft still on the runway (Virgin 747)
Route: LAX-LGW

Shortly after departure I had plugged my phone in to charge it in the USB point on the back of the seat in front of me and when I went to watch a movie the picture on screen was jumpy and wasn’t working correctly. I enquired with a crew member about resetting my screen but no luck. At this point I’d over heard a man behind having the same problem. Once my phone was fully charged I unplugged the USB and suddenly the screen worked perfectly again, so I called the member of crew over and informed him of it and he told other passengers to try the same. And it worked. Just goes to show even passengers can show the crew a thing or two 😉 Really helpful crew member though, didn’t catch his name but he was really trying to get it sorted for me. It obviously worked a bit like a computer and slows down if its doing too much at once, so bare that in mind. If your screen doesn’t work well while your USB is plugged in, unplug it 🙂

Over all a great flight, still landed 15mins early despite the go around, very good service and price! So will certainly be flying with them again soon.

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  1. me, my sister, and my dad are going to Los Angeles for my dad to see his family there, we might go to the beach, and have a lot of fun there! And I also know that there are some pretty famous Youtubers there! 😀

  2. I am not an aircraft engineer but wondering how they deal if one engine fail,  because old aircrafts had four engines, in the event of one engine failure there still a hope but what about twine engine aircraft. Hmmmm

  3. I love watching your fantastic video's of planes. I get so much enjoyment out of them. Thank you for sharing and the great work you do into making them.

  4. I was really looking forward to seeing the premium product on Norwegian such as the meals and seats, along with the cabin and a small walk through of the aircraft.  Unfortunately, this was mostly a video of the view from a window.

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