This must be one of my best engine view videos ever – a must-see Boeing 787-9 takeoff from London Gatwick Airport on Norwegian Air to Fort Lauderdale! Our delay gave us this beautiful sunset to depart into… I’ve never been so happy about a delay 😉


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Airline: Norwegian Air International, DY
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Aircraft First Flight: 1 September 2010
Flight Number: DY7045
Airport: London Gatwick Airport, LGW, EGKK
Gate: 15, Terminal: South
Runway: RWY 26L
Date: 14 September 2016
Time of day: 7:00PM, 19:00
Delay: 3 hours
Flight duration: 8h 45mins
Seat: Row 3, Seat 3A (Premium)
Destination: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Camera: iPhone 6S with Rode VideoMic Me

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  1. That was first to see the sun beaming into engine at takeoff. Must have been very difficult for the pilot with sun glare.

  2. It's one of the best take off's.I love take off's & landings at various airports.It's really marvelous.The sun light,surrounding area of the airport,the plane,recording,everything is superb..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im 'lucky' enough to hear most engines rolls royce produce ……i live around the corner from their derby works pretty much facing the old marlborough hall

  4. There seems to be a lot more wing flex on modern aircraft on take off? I think the A380 has something like a 12' deflection!

  5. my friend this is a quite brilliant piece of filming, it has everything that the viewer could wish for, the radiance of the morning sun coupled with the long shadows create a surreal film, it's an eerie albeit pleasing colourul landscape, witnessed,then there's the engines with their haunting and tuneful mix of RR genius, I love it!!! well done keep it up please fix your Good at this damn good.Thanks my good man

  6. The curved blade shape of 878's wing! Eh, Britannia can offer calm, clean sunsets from time to time. Overall lucky indeed, love the video.

  7. The name I'd give to this video: Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you for your videos sir. They're nothing short of fantastic

  8. These RR engines are awesome. I absolutely HATE the GEnx engine, but I would definitely prefer the GEnx to PW1000 on the A320neo 🙂

  9. Lovely view of the solent / Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight at the end.. Pity you just missed out on the Needles, but nice all the same.

  10. Good stuff as always. Great view of the 787 wing flex. Judging by the size of most of the aircraft at Gatewick, I assume it is primarily a short haul/commuter airport.

  11. It simply doesn't get any better than this! State of the art aircraft, roar of the RR engines, beautiful sunset, smooth takeoff, gorgeous countryside…perfect!! Thank you, I've subscribed!

  12. All the oil rich countries are going to dominate aviation. Norwegian can become a serious threat to Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling etc.

  13. in your info you quote first flight 1st September 2010.
    Think you need to amend this !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn't relate to anything to the 787

  14. Absolutely stunning! Those RR engines like the 787, so much quieter than usual. Wonder if those are Trent 900 or 800 engines, the 787 would usually have GE9x engines designed for it and the 747-8 Intercontinental.

  15. first flight 2010??? surely this beast Is brand new? flew on the thompson -9 in September to mahon…3 months old and the sleekest jet I ever flew on!

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