The Telegraph brings you an exclusive look inside the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Touch-screen entertainment systems, larger windows and improved air quality make “the plastic plane” one of the world’s most advanced. Peter Hughes was on board Qatars’ first commercial long haul Dreamliner flight into Heathrow.

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  1. Boeing and Airbus will need to keep all aircraft operating systems completely hack-proof. Cyber terrorism on board aircraft will be the new security nightmare for all airline operators to come.

  2. Compare 1st Class United 787 video to Lufthansa A380 First Class.  We must be crazy to fly on our own planes!  Lufthansa has a huge bathroom.  United has one out of a motorhome camper!  Lufthansa's seating and all is HUGE….United's 787 looks like 737 business class with a plastic table that pulls up out of a plate then unfolds so they can put the cheap plastic fast food on it while the Lufthansa pampered customer eats off plates and linen like a first class restaurant.

    Why do we Americans put up with that?

  3. Boeing got it right with being able to increase the cabin pressure and humidity..  Flew on a brand new a380 just a few weeks ago and after 10 hours, even though the comfort/flight was good, I still had that typical airplane hangover I've always gotten, plus, the windows were like portholes on a submarine, with no variable tint available.  Either blinding you and all the pax around you, or no view at all.  

  4. You ask about Airbus VS Boeing and everybody loses their minds. Calm the Fuck down is like you guys could make so much of a difference.

  5. Not true. Boeing HAS redesigned the battery.
    From the frame to the insulation to the spacers to the cells themselves, almost every component in the original battery has been reworked. That's why it was cleared to resume service by the FAA.
    They wouldn't have it allowed it back in the air if they though it still posed a risk.

  6. More than one thousand 757s were ordered and produced and have a remarkable safety and service record (as does its sister 767). The 747 reputation speaks for itself (legendary). You say these planes shouldn't be flying.
    But the airlines, i.e. those who actually know something about this issue, continue to order from Boeing.

  7. If that's your sense of logic, then I can just as easily say the A380 is just a 747 with a larger hump on top.
    That's the intellectual equivalent of your absurdly ridiculous and uninformed opinion.
    The only thing the 787 and the 767 have in common is they are both airplanes.

  8. What's four months in what will probably be a 25-year career?
    The point is, they are up and running now and serving their clients exceptionally well. It's an exceptional aircraft and that is reflected by how many orders it presently has and continues to get.
    And just how many Boeing releases have you seen? The 737 and the 747 came out in the 60s, which leaves just the 757, 767 and 777 all of which performed amazingly well.
    Your critique has failed miserably.

  9. His point still stands. New models always go through some initial start-up issues. Yes all of them were grounded but that is not unprecedented. Airbus and other Boeing models have been grounded before. The important fact is just 4 months after the battery issue was fixed ALL OF THEM ARE NOW IN SERVICE AND MORE ORDERS ARE COMING IN EVERY MONTH.

  10. Yeah. Pretty much. Except for state-of-the-art engines for a 60 percent reduction in decibel level, composites on more than 70 percent of the plane allowing for up to 30 percent increase in fuel efficiency, turbulence suppression system, numerous cabin technical innovations – pressure, humidity, adding a much improved flight experience, state of the art avionics and flight control systems…yeah other than those things, it's basically a 767.

  11. Qatar Airways will send the a 380 to London Heathrow to wich means Qatar Airways could use on the same day the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and a 380 on this route.

  12. Another awesome thing is that they don't seam to want to take the pilot out of the equation unlike airbus. In my opinion Boeing is on the right track, worrying more about designing new improved engines, wing angles, composites that allow lower pressure, and more humidity rather than autopilot and cramming people in like airbus. The Dream liner is also very agile and awesome 😀

  13. yeah yeah a fuel efficient engine and new composite structure with beautiful led light interior (sky light interior) is a toaster aircraft… you can have your flying whale, we want our toaster aircraft back

  14. You can be sure that a company like Boeing building outstanding planes since generations is absolutely professional in dealing with problems wit the 787. The plane has it`s start problems and Boeing was under pressure to deliver the first 787`s after the delay to their customers. It will be over soon and this bird will be in the sky like any other types bevore.

  15. There have been bars on several other airlines before, I think BA and SAS has it on all their flights have have been for quite some time

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