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We managed to visit with the creators of the new electrically dim-able window shades. We were shocked to see what a range in brightness they have.


  1. That airplane has state of the art avionics and flight dynamics. If someone wise enough to pick "NoobSoldier2006" (both stupid and obsolete – look it up in the dictionary) as their username, isn't able to understand there's one category of people working on the avionics /flight dynamics research, and a different class of people entirely working on the window shades, that's nobody else's fault but theirs. Sorry if I lost you a couple of commas back, it gets better with time.

  2. It's because of people like you, that we could have been still living in caves and hunt with rocks and sticks today. Every day I wake up, I am grateful for the sun, and for the fact that the fate of humanity does not rely in the hands of people like you. Just like George Carlin used to say "Not too bright folks, not too fucking bright."

  3. Is is possible to dim all the windows at once by crew?
    I remember during the early morning flights, flight attended asked everyone to shut the shade to block the sunlight into the cabin – obviously for everyone to sleep.

  4. (cont'd) It's to say that there are situations when we would very well do without our cellphones and lay them aside. It's better than developing the habit of impulse to check the phone and having it with us all the time. It's so easy to develop impulsive habits. They creep up on us without us even specially realising it. There's something to be said for keeping things simple.

  5. Let me also add another thing too: sometimes when we rely on too much technology to do the same old thing, we forget that we don't actually have to rely on that technology to achieve practically the same thing! For instance, how many of us now find it impossible to live without a cellphone 24/7? It's almost like we've forgotten the fundamentals of facing people directly, having a conversation in person, and connecting. It's not to say cellphones are inherently useless or bad.(cont'd).

  6. While I agree with your idea, maybe not so much in your delivery 🙂 Sometimes I think we inject too much technology into society just for the sake of technology, hip-ness, cool-ness, and being able to claim modern. There is profundity in simplicity. A plastic shade works well.

  7. They tried that with the concorde, you would need to paint windows on the plane. People hate change, no matter what. Look at the CF bulbs, they didn't start selling until they put an incadescent shroud over the CF portion so it looked like a traditional light bulb. Baby steps…

  8. After reading these comments, I have come to realize that the American economy is crippling as apparently all of the design, engineering, and business experts are spending their days lurking on Youtube.

  9. Boeing should get RID of windows all together and use curved OLED displays on the passenger walls which are fed from external cameras.

    The airframe structure can be made a lot lighter if there arent all these random holes in the fuselage (ie windows).

  10. this tech is not ready it needs to be instantaneous like go from clear to black just a snap but this shadeless cover takes 1min to do that.

  11. Why the fuck.. I'd rather just close a slider rather than see such money wasted (which the passenger pays for). Also why the fuck is all they talk about the stupid LED lighting wtf is this the 70's? It's hardly new, it's hardly necessary and it's hardly any use to the airline industry. Boeing is trolling or something… Airbus actually makes planes which can accommodate new numbers of people and are greener and more efficient in comparison to their Boeing counterpart… A330 vs 767? Obviously t

  12. Here's my thing, i don't like the fact that they make the window look like it changes shade quicker than it obviously does. Look at the people walking by as the window dims, they look like they are running , so the process obviously takes a while.

  13. @averredude101 I think the lady giving the tour in this video: /watch?v=d_4HMrem2ag& has a good explanation for the need of these window tinters.

  14. @averredude101
    on your profile
    "I just love technology and planes. In the future I want to be an airline pilot"
    And yet you are bashing an innovation. Do you even know the price difference between the two systems?

  15. @NoobSoldier2006 I'm assuming you do not have an aeronautical engineering degree. Turbulence is unavoidable. And the little "fins" on the wingtip (winglets) are designed to minimize turbulent eddies forming off the wing tip…. increasing efficiency and maximizing smooth flying. However, turbulence is part of flying and there is nothing that can be done about that.

  16. @NoobSoldier2006 Everything's got tradeoffs. Remove one seat per row (1/7) and suddenly everyone's paying 15% more per flight (Rough calculation obviously). It's not really luxury, to my understanding it's the same basic technology as auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Window shades are neat touch – people can get a view to the outside without waking up their neighbors with a shaft of God-beams to the face.

  17. @acslater017 I do think that they are spending dollars on safety features. But I don't think the digital window shade is a high priority for majority of the passengers. I don't see any complaints about the current pull down one. If they really want to spend money on luxury feature like this, why not expand the seating space for fat ass people, double the armrest for people who sits next to each other, or more leg space to get up for bathroom? I think that's more priority than window shade.

  18. @NoobSoldier2006 Do you honestly believe that they're not spending hundreds of thousands of hours on engineering, design, testing, simulation, etc.? Someone's gotta do the windows, seats, air conditioning, etc. jeez

  19. Polarized elements? Lockheed had something like this in the L-1011 back in 1970. They called it a "sunglass window". I don't think it caught on though. Pretty nifty to see it return. Yay Boeing!

  20. how about spend time and research money into making the damn plane more stable during turbulence or more safety features instead of useless shit like a fucking shade window?

  21. This would be good for their Boeing Business Jet. However i don't see it being beneficial for airlines and especially low cost carriers.

  22. Electronic window shades just sound like one more thing that could cause a fire. The manual shades don't require any extra wiring and work perfectly well.

  23. @my235 that is the best comment yet i've read today, not that i mind all the fancy bells and whistles, but come on, make the damn seats comfty. Now upon saying that, I've never flown, ever. But you think they would work on the seats too in all of this…oh well.

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