JustPlanes continue filming TUI Airlines Belgium (Jetairfly) this time on the Brussels Cancun Brussels route featuring the Boeing 787 Dreamliner! The 4h15min film can be found at


  1. what? do pilots really not land the plane? I thought the most pilots gets is an ILS system (where a computer just lines the plane up with a runway). Do most commercial planes land by themselves fully?

  2. Its landing on auto-pilot essentially. To do that, there are sensors on the runway, which guide the airplane to stop. BRILLIANT! I never knew Brussels had those sensors on rwy01. But amazing 787 😛

  3. Why was there an alarm signal shortly after landing? The flight director did not recognize the plane was landing/on the ground?

  4. Coolness! Was the auto pilot also switched off when the flight director was? I don't know if both have to e on or off at the same time.

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