A stunning hen joins the Frenchblue fleet, an report by PNC Contact, flight attendant and steward

Airbus A350 Frenchblue © PNC Contact

We have been fortunate to be invited by the Frenchblue teams for the inaugural flight of their new aircraft which took put yesterday between Bordeaux and Paris Orly

We will not dwell on the welcome of the teams of Frenchblue who took treatment of us and manufactured us devote a pleasurable time in their organization between flights, petits fours and champagne.

Enable&#39s converse about this new aircraft that joins the fleet of Frenchblue and the Airbus A330 now in operation.

Frenchblue has just obtained an Airbus A350-900. The Airbus A350 XWB is a huge last-generation airbus in the line of the Airbus A330. In 2006, Airbus transformed its approach and outfitted it with a broader, larger body than the A330 and A340 but, over all, larger than its most important competitor, the Boeing 787. This clarifies why the XWB Airplane for Excess Vast Entire body.

The device received its initial certification on September thirty, 2014 and its certification ETOPS370 fifteen times later.

The Airbus A350-900 can have up to 440 passengers to .eighty five of mach in excess of a distance of 14 350 kilometers. It is powered by Rolls Royce Trent XWB-eighty four engines and can fly at 43,one hundred feet or about 13,000 meters.

The Airbus A350 is therefore a last generation aircraft that has nothing at all to envy the Boeing 787.

These a nice aircraft in a reduced-cost airline, you could start off to get a very little scared. A taxi configuration densified to the most with retro projectors and seats not comfortable. That&#39s what we could expect.

Massive disappointment on arrival in Bordeaux, other than, why Bordeaux? Airbus is Toulouse no? Very well the respond to is very simple. The cabin format of this unit was realized by Sabena Technics and they are in Bordeaux.

Arrived in Bordeaux by means of an Air France flight in Airbus A319 we are invited, after the tiny ovens and drinks, to learn this new hen. From the outdoors it is just stunning! The livery blue and white goes like a glove and its registration also, F-HREU for Réunion …

Right after a small tour of the aircraft we climb aboard and there, it&#39s the slap. An further large cabin with a superior ceiling peak. Almost everything is naturally manufacturer new and there reigns a real impact of quantity and area. No retro projector of another time but of the IFE for every single passenger, a very little more substantial for the class “enterprise” but of a fairly satisfactory measurement in Eco.

Sitting convenience and the put are there, our editor-in-chief is one.ninety meters and did not knees embedded in the entrance seat, a miracle! The all round convenience of the seat is fairly satisfactory and for the “enterprise”, the added options present on the seat make it feasible to be a very little additional comfortable by acquiring a very little additional area.

Now let&#39s converse work, let&#39s converse about galley. If you like the stunning galley this aircraft is for you. Each and every galley has adequate home to work devoid of going for walks on it and the rear galley is just a desire for these who like to go the flight.

Right after the support there is the crew-relaxation, this one particular is in continuity of the whole and should let the Frenchblue crews to be in great condition for the support of the breakfast.

So sure, Frenchblue is a extended-haul reduced-cost airline but touring aboard its Airbus A350 XWB does not have considerably to do with a reduced-cost practical experience such that one particular can get the air- envision. In addition, these renowned denim uniforms that have manufactured a ton of ink flow are not so unappealing as that, on the opposite, they are fairly fairly!

The stunning hen will make its to start with professional flight tonight departing from Orly for Reunion Island, acquire-off scheduled for eighteen.00. Gentlemen spotters to your units!

Potentially we will have the possibility to present you another additional total report on the buyer practical experience and the lifetime of PNC at Frenchblue in the weeks to appear …

The design of the Airbus A350 XWB

The painting of the Airbus A350 XWB

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