Qatar Airways Boeing 787, Singapore to Doha. Departure was 0230hrs. This was our first time on Qatar Airways and we were excited. It was our second time on a Boeing 787. The first time was with FlyScoot (a budget carrier).

Unfortunately, there is one big drawback of this plane in Economy class. The seats are awfully cramped, with very little legroom and width. Passengers were literally spilling out of the seat. Watch my video as I go into the details.

Seat aside (which by the way, is a very big deal since you spend 99% of your time in your seat), everything else was really good and befitting of a 5-star airline status.

Cabin crew was pleasant and attentive. Food was good. IFE system was very modern. Plane was new. Pretty much top marks in all other categories, other than the seat.

For our journey from Singapore to London and back, we also flew on the Airbus A350 (which was awesome!) and the older Airbus A340 (also very good!), so I know that Qatar can put seats on planes that are of decent width and legroom in the Economy class.

So, be wary of the Boeing 787 in Economy. The seat ain’t funny.

Ode to Qatar Seven Eighty Seven (video rant)

Qatar Airways Singapore to Doha on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qatar Airways Doha to London on the Airbus A340

Qatar Airways London to Doha on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qatar Airways Doha to Singapore on the new Airbus A350


  1. Flew one of these "squishliners" from LHR to Seoul international aiprort courtesy of BA . Initially I was looking forward to flying on board this new minted jet but after enduring 12 hours in a wafer thin and narrow seat with little or no legroom , I really would not want to do this again ever ! I felt i was in a commuter jet rather than a long range widebody

  2. If you think this is bad, try flying on the KLM 777. Hmmmm… how to describe it… Take a Qatar 787 and remove cushions and everything that make the seats soft, and there you have it. > _ <

  3. Sounds like the minions on that plane.

    I'm on this plane twice on a trip to Thailand, it was a330's at first and they switched them, I'm dreading those seats 🙁

  4. WOW!!!! What a massive difference with the leg room compared to the Airbus 350 XWB. No way I can handle being so cramped with my legs like that. I was in a bad car accident in 1981, and everything from the waist down was completely shattered and destroyed. That means I must have leg room, or an IV bag loaded with morphine, the pain is still annoying to this day. Your video of the 350 XWB showed a lot of space for the legs, and that's important to everyone, not just me with my physical clusterfucks I have. Definitely avoiding Boeing's 787 anyways, but seeing this video just makes me cringe and is giving me leg cramps as I type. I feel sorry for the claustrophobic passengers flying on a 787.

  5. Thanks for the video. Considering Qatar for Manchester – Perth due to price! The Xfer time is 1hr 5mins. Did you make your shorter connection OK, and did your bags arrive with you?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. I went on a Qatar Airways plane exactly a month after this video was shot, can't say it was the best experience but definitely not that bad for an A321 with a 3-3 config. I have been on Qatar Airways A321, A330 and 777 and so far I would say the A330 with the 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 was the best for some reason, much more comfortable than the 777. However the 777 on the Emirates was a better experience than the Qatar Airways 777 idk why maybe the seats but Im not sure. Either way both manufactures make great planes, its just up to the airlines on how they work on their seating arrangement.
    Im just a "soon to be" Qatar Airways pilot 🙂

  7. the reaon they have less aerobridges is that its jut a new airport and they usually have to make sure the aerobridges is ready and safe for use they often show it in the qatari news papers there will be more aerobridges made slowly

  8. I haven't worked on the Dreamliner yet but I find it odd that the bulk bags are being unloaded from the left side. Usually bulk and cargo are unloaded on the right side, mainly because the doors are on the right. Must be a different design scheme.

  9. I'm A pilot at qatar airways , the aerobridges are getting fix , so please next time think before you write any thing !!!!???

  10. surprised nobody apart from you took the opportunity to turn around and enjoy the view of the 787! i guess most of the flying public couldn't care less what they fly on as long as they get there in the end.

  11. Isn't it up to the airline to determine the seat width/pitch on their configurations.  meaning a Qatar 787 could be more cramped than say a lufthansa 787?

  12. That seat looks nasty, it looks so tight and I'm way more …er… 'generously proportioned' than most of the passengers in the video. As much as I want to fly in a 787 I think I should choose other airline after watching this video. Thank you for uploading

  13. Yeah the 787 was a failure in my eyes, Not much more space (infact smaller than the 777) and even the flight deck, they didn't really bother to "update" the systems, the FMS is just the old physical version designed on a touch screen, why couldn't they re-make the system for a touch interface? Airbus did a great job of making modern computer systems on the A350.

  14. oh man that looks very uncomfortable. thanks for sharing , and i do believe i only would take Qatar if there is a super emergency otherwise its a no no for me . thank you for opening our eyes!!

  15. Wow, that does look very tight. Most 787s seem to be configured the same way, 9 across and 31 seat pitch…. wonder if airlines have had feedback about this?

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