A remarkably steep takeoff from the B787-9 at Farnborough Airshow 2014, one of which I’d refer to as a Rocket.

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  1. If it aint Boeing, I'm not going…. as a private aviator, I don't fly commercial unless it's on a Boeing…. call me eccentric but I've changed flights because of airframe substitutions… I flat out refuse to step foot on an airbus…

  2. why? how can passengers enjoy a comfortable flight while they are launched 800 ft high in a rocket like plane? Take off is already scary enough for some people so now they are going to pass out as the struggle with g force

  3. I wonder what it was like in the cockpit for those pilots? The GPWS must have been going NUTS!!!

    "Bank angle, bank angle, bank angle"

    "Too low, terrain, sink rate (Whoop Whoop) Pull Up!!!"

    And the pilots just had to ignore it all!

  4. Really people. You are too easily impressed or shocked…!!!

    Its an AIRSHOW. Its says so in the title. So no passengers.
    When YOU fly, the aircraft is full of passengers, luggage, carge and FUEL!!
    And at an Airshow, they carry zero passengers, zero luggage, zero cargo , and minimal fuel.

    So we really are not surprised at the performance, are we???

  5. lo último en tecnología..no se puede decir lo mismo sobre comodidad para el viajero..de dream nada…el avion más incómodo en el que he viajado…como sardinas…mi recomendación es evitarlo

  6. These planes can actually barrel roll.They do these demos for people who are interested in purchasing these planes.The pilots are trained ex military fighter pilots.No need for good drugs to be able to do this with the best built and safest planes in the world.

  7. This is a demo flight. No fully loaded plane (both fuel, passengers and cargo) could take off at that pitch and not stall.

  8. The plane will obviously be empty and lightly fuelled. It's a demonstration for potential buyers rather than an instructional video for trainee pilots.

    What we see here is testimony to the huge safety reserves engineered into passenger flight by both aircraft manufacturers, the operators and international aviation authorities.

  9. HOLY COWYDOODLES , if I was on that plane at that moment I would of smashed the window and get out before I have a heart attack

  10. Love seeing the huge planes being flown like this – it just shows how much more they are capable of than we credit them for.

  11. Dang it, don't let the fighter pilot fly the airbus, that's what happen. I wan't a ride and feel the rush…hahahaha

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