My flight with one of the most beautiful Boeing 787’s around , the Royal Jordanian Dreamliner, flying from Amman to Bangkok.

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  1. I had the most horrible flight experience in my life in Cairo. FIRST OF ALL I missed my flight because:
    1. your email said the wrong terminal (1, instead of 2) – in Cairo it means 40 MINUTES to take the shuttle and change terminal; plus 30 min to pass security to enter the wrong terminal!!!! Also it took 10 min just to exit because none was helpful.
    2. Security was extremely rude and helpless; they keep me in the control area for long time just because I didn't have the boarding pass that you actually take inside the airport after the security!!!! Unacceptable!!!!

    SECOND AND MOST IMPORTANT. I lost my flight for AMMAN not because of my fault and when I tried to find your office in CAIRO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 to be rerouted I waited 2 HOURS for your employee to show up! Then once they finally decided to come they were not able to change my ticket as was not a sale office and they asked me to go to the city center of Cairo (min 1.5 hrs one way) to speak to their sale office. Your employees were useless! They didn't even bother to try to help your customer! On top of this is not possible that I have to physically go to the CITY CENTER to change the flight! I had 2 connecting flights and of course I lost all of them. I needed a fast support and all I got from you was NOTHING.

    This is unacceptable! Everybody should be aware that they are left alone once they buy a RJ ticket!

    I'm extremely unsatisfied and upset about your behavior and they way you didn't support me at all at the moment of need.

    Reply and contact me privately to show that somehow you care

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