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Airline: Qatar Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Registration: A7-BCX
Seat: 12K
Date: September 16th, 2016

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  1. That is the smallest legroom I have ever seen. Maybe u re blind mr simply aviation. Cathay or emirates or SIA economies are much more better

  2. I've been on 787 of Etihad and it's way better…a bit more legroom, fancy toilets, incredible service (they even give a menu for each sit whit the meal options and hot towels 2-3 times during the flight, IN ECONOMY CLASS), one power plug for each seat, headphones included and you can plug in up to two standars earphones (3,5 mm jack) into eanche IFE (share a film with the one next to you), the IFE is on a different planet, giant screen with a ludicrous amount of functions (even 8 live tv channels of news and sports) , the IFE controller has a screen as big as an iPhone and is perfect for gaming control or for keeping the map or seat-to-seat chat on that screen while you're watching a movie on the main one…
    Still not understanding why people say Emirates is the best airline in the world, Etihad absolutely smashes they're national rival on comparable aircrafts (787 for Etihad and 777 for Emirates)

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