What’s it like to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner? See for yourself with the Dream Pass!


  1. I haven't flown the Dreamliner yet, but I have found that the Airbus seats are so much more comfortable than any Boeing. Boeing's seats are a bit smaller tha Airbus. I feel as though my hips are being pushed in, and need a readjustment after each flight. My flights are all international also 9-10 hour flights.

  2. I have been a fan of Boeing for over 40 years, until recently. I used to watch the aircraft fly in and out of an old Air Force base as a kid, but now, I see them as a company who cheats at bids, incapable of competition, so they silence it with fraud. When their top executives were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, short changed their employees, got a rigged bid, I lost all respect for them to compete in todays global market fairly. They might still build a nice airplane, but they aren't the only builder of aircraft. If they have the best product, then why do they have to silence other aircraft makers? Boeing is so powerful, they have a US President helping them fix their bids. This isn't fair market, this is corrupt market. Honesty will prevail to those who build an aircraft for the people of the world, without cheating.

  3. Boeing, whats wrong with the 787? C'mon this is our moment of glory, and now its failing?!?!? Boeing, I know you can do better than that. But really, why is the 787 being a fail? Us Boeing lovers don't want that happening.

  4. booo… I paid United $420 to fly on their 787-8 EWR-IAH-EWR on 12/13-15/12 but they swapped the aircraft to an older 777 due to "maintenance." Cust Svc wouldn't issue a travel voucher for future travel. IAH ground staff confirmed three 787's were in the maintenance hangar.

  5. This is so awesome to be able to do! I am pretty sure I will not ever be able to get that close of a look at this amazing aircraft in person!

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