Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (HS-TQA)
Airline: Thai Airways International
Route: Bangkok-Chiang Mai
Date: 12th August 2014

This flight will be one of my most memorable and extraordinary experience ever. Flying the Boeing 787-8 is truly an honor to see how majestic the plane is despite it’s problems. Thai Airways took delivery of this plane in July 2014, so it was only a month old when I flew it. The new modern features the 787 has it truly remarkable. You have got to watch the video in HD to see how awesome the plane is.

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  1. Nicely done video…I love how Thai use awesome and large aircraft on short routes..obviously with holiday makers coming to Thailand it helps 🙂 The last time I flew with Thai was on a B747 to Phuket…I was flying in business class and put in the first class section of the plane…normally I would not have bothered flying in business on such a short flight but I'd flown into Bangkok in business class from London Heathrow so I thought I would keep it all business class.

  2. I've been fly with HS-TQA 02AUG2014 SeatNo 53A …very cool i love it 🙂 and 18:11 Sticker on Coconut Jelly cover "รักแม่" meaning is "Love Mom"

     Thank you Myanmar Flyer for best review  🙂

  3. GREAT REPORT! I always enjoy the 787 flight report. Beautiful aircraft indeed. Thai airways cabin crew seemed very enthusiastic with their job. keep up the good work 🙂

  4. i want to travel again, it cost so much, just miss the chaos and noise of airports and seeing new peoples and seeing the sights of the locals

  5. Thanks for your awesome review 🙂 i like your video so much.

    I see you try to control IFE very hard with remote controller.
    this d-pad have to function
    1. touchpad (swipe finger on d-pad)
    2. button

    I think push the button is easier than swipe finger on touchpad.

    Thai Airways distribute headphone  for international flights only. for some airplane in domestic flights such as B772 , IFE streaming aren't avaliable for customer.

  6. Hi there, now THAI's 787 is now operate in PER(Perth) and HND(Tokyo) not CNX anymore (quite saddd) and onemore, TG 110 is domestic fight;therefore THAI dosent distribute a headphone on this flight 😛  

  7. Well filmed report, enjoyed this one a lot! The Boeing 787 looks is a beautiful plane, really impressed with it. Credit must be given to Thai Airways too.

  8. @Myanmar Flyer
    I agree, the B787 is a really DREAMliner 🙂

    AWESOME plane, flew last week with LAN B787-8 MAD-FRA and It was a fantastic flight experience!
    Boeing makes a very GREAT JOB with this type of aircraft!

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