Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit and reporter Will Jordan investigate Boeing’s “Dreamliner”, finding some workers with quality concerns, alleging drug use and fearing to fly the plane they build.

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Senior Producer/Director: Marc Shaffer
Producer/Director of Photography/Editor: Colin McIntyre
Producer: Kevin Hirten
Reporter/Producer: Will Jordan
Music Composer: Ryan Whittier
Additional Music: Sean Hirten


  1. altitude pressurisation up and depressurization maybe ? fluxuations in battery temp or just the gasses at high altitudes? are these possible

  2. Unprofessional journalism. Interviewing employees is always going to lead to these results. A lot of workers are pessimistic.

  3. I booked Airbus A350 for my next long haul. Nonstop would've been a B777-300ER but that's a rather old plane for me, got on it many times. But I may be the only passenger booking by plane not by airline or for the absolutely lowest fare 🙂 The only destinations with a 787 from my Airport are Abu Dhabi and Muscat, operated by Etihad and Oman Air respectively which have almost every plane. European airlines seem to prefer the 777 over the 787 and 747.

  4. We have to look into reports of the 787 failures, crashes, and any other issue before we come to a final conclusion.

  5. I like this investigation, although this is from Al Jazeera, which is supposedly not pro-America. I think there might be something about "schedule over quality", and they are numerous examples of that American companies abuse people's trust to make more profit, which, I think, Boeing is no exception. In terms of the hateful comments, Americans these days are way more extreme than just being patriot, and they blindly believe that everybody else diminishes their America' business that they are so proud of. Sad.

  6. WOW, If it's New Boeing, I ain't flying ! It is official Chinese model won, we all go build it sell it and see which customer can survive it !

  7. If you can watch the part of this video where they roll out a hollow plane with plywood doors and no interior at the product launch, and still feel gung-ho about Boeing as a company, you have to be some special kind of stupid.

  8. Very glad there is still a media outlet that practices some true investigative journalism and doesn't just rehash press releases. Media outlets in the States have become nothing more than advertising firms for companies like Boeing. It's disgusting.

  9. Here's the real reason why Qatar is being suppressed by their own Arab neighbors.. Al Jazeera being the State Owned News Corporation who fear "no one" and have previously un-earthered and disclosed many facts about the US government and corporations had become a threat to America… one way to stop Al jazeera is accuse them of supporting Terrorism…and threaten UAE, KSA, Bhrain and Kuwait to submission to denounce Qatar as a rogue nation… have we heard this before? "Weapons of Mass Destruction" ?
    Folks think for yourselves and not get sold by manufactured information.. there's more to it than meets the eye

  10. All lithium batteries in smartphones, laptops, cameras etc under certain extreme conditions like puncture, high pressure, high temperature explode or catch fire.
    There are many kinds of Lithium ion or Lithium polymer batteries.
    The specific Lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO
    2) of Boeing have many benefits but it is highly flammable. It has oxygen inside and doesn't need any air at all in order to catch fire.
    The classic lead batteries and the older NiCd batteries have toxic heavy metals that can cause severe health problems which will appear after many years. However the risk of explosion or fire with them is minimum.
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  11. yeah but if you take a note 7 on a plane you can be arrested. makes sense…….

    the "better" batteries are, the more likely they are to explode, peroid

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