The Dreamliner has surpassed two significant milestones — it has carried more than 20 million passengers on more than 100,000 revenue flights to destinations around the world. One hundred thousand revenue flights equals nearly 200,000,000 miles — That’s equivalent to 8,000 trips around the world at the equator or to the moon and back 415 times! If you’ve flown on the 787, THANK YOU! We’d love for you to share how it was to #FlyTheDream.


  1. so is the 787 going to launch a Freighter? fedex in demand for boeing supply dasher than airbus more freighters Fred smith says

  2. How about these engineers give us a normal amount of leg room?!  Enough with the cattle car experience when you fly.

  3. Planes are really great for international travel but they are a huge waste on a regional scale. There is simply too much air traffic and most airports can barely keep up. I think Germany and Japan have the best idea and make all the regional traffic go on the rails. It's all about fitting the mode of transportation and scale of efficiencies. Do that and your economics of operation and energy consumption are greatly improved for the better and you take a load off of air traffic. Rail traffic should complement air traffic not compete with it.

  4. I flew the 787 from Osaka to San Francisco. The 777-300 was my first choice but not now…I loved flying in the 787.

  5. The 787 is sorta overhyped. It's quite noisy with the flaps and landing gear, and the dimming lights is smart but the sun still shines in your face even on lowest setting.

  6. I had never been on the 787 but I want to badly. The plane is eco friendly and well built. I may want to fly the 787 over the a350

  7. Cockpit's camera and underbelly camera are the breath taking view when planes take off and landing. These views shouldn't just for observation but also should be able to download into personal camcorder via USB port at each passenger seat, so it can be intertwine with other video clips and becomes a travel memory. From passenger first time travel on the plane to frequent travelers, they have been uploading thousands of video clips to YouTube; and it have something in common such as landing and take off via passenger window view, airlines food, interior seat set up etc. but it lacks of take off and landing view. If passengers could be download take off and landing view, then flight attendants don't have to remind passengers to turn off electronic devices such as camcorder, camera,

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