Boeing 787 jets are no puny aircraft. These things haul hundreds of people for thousands of miles. So you can only imagine that this particular 787 that has been converted for private use is completely shaking up the private jet world. The jet’s lavish interior was built by Kestrel Aviation Management and is being bought by HNA Aviation Group.


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  1. this aircraft belong to the Chinese most corruption leader's Nephew
    .leader use this airplane to trans money, corruption people , nephew use it to make love with beauty

  2. Thats not ultra high end, thats ultra ultra ultra high end charters customer, I imagine 1 charter is 1m or more one way.

  3. I guess if the plane was going down it'd be much nicer to be sound asleep in that sound cancelling room, so you just wake up dead. lol

  4. This just landed yesterday in Dublin and was parked at the airport when my plane was taxiing down. Man what a sight!

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