My first flight on the Thomson Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I must say I was really impressed!

The areas that really stood out were:
1) Loads of leg room
2) Large touchscreen tv
3) Light and airy – felt a lot better at the end of the flight
4) Powered USB to charge my iPad while I watch movies
5) Electric dimming windows

I am not sure if it was just the angle, but it seemed as though the window rows had a bit more leg room – so I recommend that you book the windows row.

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  1. Very interesting.  I am surprised that you did not find the seat to be cramped. 

    I just flew on Qatar's Boeing 787 Dreamliner and it was an awful experience because of the cramped seating and lack of legroom. Worse, Qatar's 787 has a rather large IFE box taking up more legroom.  See my video review –

  2. BulbzMedia that was my little boy who commented "I was on that plane" lol he just flew bk in on Thursday he he he he's some boy 😀

  3. Well judging from the economy class I think you are in for a real treat 🙂 I normally hate flying – well the part between taking off and landing. Aside from flying business class or premium economy I have never felt so comfortable. Really good experience 🙂

  4. The USB port charged my iPad (4th gen) no problems! Was quite surprised that it did actually. Should have filmed that really. Was able to use my earphones in the phono jacks under the TV too.. but the ports are bigger and so had to jiggle it a bit before it worked. I'm sure there are adapters you can buy that sorts that out.

  5. Thanks for the video. Wish this was Premium, going premium in October, wanted to see that 🙂 Great video though.

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