The 3rd Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA003 N787BX was the 3rd aircraft added to the 787-8 Dreamliner test fleet. Now Boeing has literally handed over the keys to the aircraft over to the Museum of Flight located at Boeing Field outside of Seattle, WA USA.

My video will show what one of the Boeing Test Dreamliners looks like from the exterior to the interior. ZA003 is now my favorite piece at MoF and I look forward to revisiting the aircraft again with hopes of not hearing so many children screaming next time!


  1. This aircraft absolutely fascinates me! I've seen these 787's do an almost vertical take-off from the runway! Absolutely a beautiful machine. Someday I hope to take a flight on one of these amazing birds. Designed by computer, constructed of composites, this is truly a remarkable achievement.

  2. Sad it will never fly again, saw this jet in Brisbane Australia and spoke with the pilot Heather, both very impressive. Looking forward to seeing it again in Seattle.

  3. One thing Americans are good at is making their product have sex appeal. I guess since most Americans are fat and disgusting, might as well have at least a sexy looking product hahah. 

  4. So is this the permanent parking location of this plane? Or is this just until they find a better spot? Either way, brilliant video as usual, so cool to see this bird close up! Now you know how I felt when AC brought their 787 to YYC 😉

  5. I wasn't able to attend 🙁 But a friend of mine flew out to Seattle for a 3 day trip!!!
    The B787-8 Dreamliner is probably one of the best airplanes ever designed. After all the delays, it was worth it. Thank you Boeing. I hope to be able to pilot one someday when I fly for an airline.
    I'll be back out in Seattle some time soon.

  6. Great view of the innards of a state-of-the-art aircraft.  My guess would be that this airframe has had a few too many G's pulled on it during the flight test and certification program and the FAA wouldn't allow it to be put into regular passenger service with an airline, cuz otherwise there are many millions of $'s sitting here on display.

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