March 4, 2016 Flight from Vancouver to Seoul-Incheon on Air Canada 63, a 787-8.


  1. Thanks for posting this video! I'm taking the same flight in March, and it's always good to know what to look forward to. Thank you again!!!

  2. Thank you for posting this video. I'm taking the same flight tomorrow, so excited! I was wondering if they provided you with a blanket and pillow or should I bring mine? Thanks!

  3. I'm on this flight next Saturday 🙂 Thanks for the video! 5th time to Seoul and first on Air Canada.. well providing I make my hour connection from my Toronto flight 😉

  4. You flew the 787 to Seoul? Lucky! I flew it when they were still using the 767 for that flight, and that wasn't that great of a flight.

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