✈ Frankfurt Airport 01:53 | Entering the plane 14:38 | Take off 23:43 | Meals 26:46 | Landing 32:10 | Delhi Airport 35:00

✈ A flight with the Dreamliner from the European city of Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF) to Delhi or New Delhi (DEL/VIDP). This is a longer than usual flight trip report, as I am trying to describe all the experience as a passenger. Begging with Frankfurt airport, some highlights and an incredible shot before the entrance. Continuing with the Boeing 788 interior and the facilities provided to the passengers. I have to tell that AI didn’t have amenity KIT. Finally the great Delhi International Airport that had 50 million passengers in 2015… Watch it and let me know if you have questions or comments. Feel free to subscribe and check my other videos! Thank you for watching!

✈ Route: Frankfurt, Germany to Delhi, India
✈ Flight: Air India AI120
✈ Aircraft: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
✈ Registration: VT-ANB
✈ Seat: 35J
✈ Fare: Economy


  1. 27:00 and later, that food plate looks a mess! i wont ind rising it at ground lvl not 30k feet above. yes i know toilets are sealed! i 'd rather check in with my food pkt from berlin -a burger an 6 pack beer. oh boy! incorrigible india!

  2. Air India is the worst airplane EVER. Delays all the time and the staff don't give a toss about the passengers comfort and safety. Toilets are disgusting and they give smallest portions of food I have ever seen. They would skip giving out food if they possibly can. Complete waste of money, WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN FOR SURE. Air India is a total disgrace !!!!

  3. DId anyone notice, after landing one of the flaps on the wing shown was not functioning properly!!! Such a pathetic maintenance!!!

  4. It seems like Air India is recommended. Gate B45 was so familiar to me, 2015 I flew with Ethiopian to Addis Abeba and to this gate stood the 777-200LR! You did me really holiday lousy :)!

  5. Air india is ok…… But one thing I would recommend is that they should add more movies and games in their flights.

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  7. first(nice flight report and well done) 15:44 you sad that 2-4-2 conf. would be better because going out faster etc but the dreamliner 787 is wider than the ex.340 or 330 and 3-3-3 conf. there can sit 9 people in a row and with 2-4-2 only 8
    nice vid. Go on like that

  8. Thanks to u for making a travel video with full details…..even all the toilets u captured….. 🙂 I love air travel very much and every trip I feel like my 1st trip….. 787 is great invention…..

  9. I have been flying Air India since 2002. I have never had any issue. Many of my European friends also told me about their pleasant experience with AI. However most Indians are unnecessarily critical of AI. Is it because it is a state owned carrier?

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