Trip Report of Xiamen Air Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Amsterdam to Xiamen. See the amazing Boeing 787, the cool Safety Video, the Food, the Flight Attendants and of course the Start and Landing. This is probably the best airline in China. You get 3 meals from Amsterdam to Xiamen and quantity and quality are great. When transiting in Xiamen you have to pick up your luggage go through emigration and check-in again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!good job!Xiamen Airlines has been considered as the best service airlines in China for 2014 and 2015 according to China's ranking system,over Hainan airlines.I just wonder why Skytrax doesn't consider it too much…

  2. Nice report, however using 5 min. out of a 11 min. flight report ,on inflight safety demonstration is too long for me. Would have loved to see more from the flight :))
    Anyway thank you for posting.

  3. Why cant I use my cellphone in Airplane Mode with wifi but I can use a tablet with airplane mode and wifi? It's essentiy the same thing.

  4. I wonder why they choose Amsterdam, because KLM flies the same route. I used to transfer in Amsterdam a lot in old days,  airport was good.

  5. i had a wonderful experience today with Xiamen Airlines. They even offer FREE Wifi for Business class !!!(not sure economy also have or not)

  6. did you reserved your seat? I am flying in August for the first time to Japan with Xiamen AL. I really really want to sit at the window. But during booking, I couldn´t select a seat .

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