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Airline: LAN Chile
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Registration: CC-BBJ
Seat: 5A
From: Frankfurt Rhein-Main
To: Madrid Barajas
Date: January 31st, 2016

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  1. who would take a flight from Madrid to Frankfurt… get on a bus enjoy the scenic and calm superhighways of Europe that's one of the advantages of being in EU….JEEZ….

  2. You can`t stand babies crying? Me I take during flights my hearing aids off. Magic silence! Okay it`s an advantage of my person, but I can understand you …. sometimes it`s quite disturbing even I like children too.

  3. If you fly to south america the better option is flying with LAN. In february we went to europe and we flew to europe with LAN

    P.S. I'm chilean, and LAN is our national airline

  4. was someone murdering that baby tho, love these videos, i hope to travel more soon! its one of the best feelings ever yes or yes, specially when its international, and the adrenaline of changing terminals and checking and what to eat and literally everything haha

  5. This is probably my favourite trip report! Not only is there really nice and crisp video footage, fast forwards, and an all around base of knowledge, it was thankfully posted on my birthday!

  6. Strange that they use Air Canada's lounge, because AC is Star Alliance and LATAM is Oneworld… At first I found it strange that you had to go through passport control in an intra-Schengen flight, but then I remembered that's usual when it's a leg of an intercontinental flight (or simply with a non-Schengen final destination or origin). And I don't know if the colour-coded guidance scheme in Madrid was a good idea, because of colour-blind people (it's not rare at all, it affects one in every 12 men to some degree, and about one in 200 women).

  7. couldnt you have been cutting out the annoying cry-screamy-ish noises from the baby? Ans also how do you know if a baby cries because it cant handle the pressure change? You camt just aks and await an answer from them as babies cant speak when theyre crying so hardly. I know it from my sister. She always cried in the plane as a baby where she wasnt able to speak. But as soon as my parents were used to that amd started telling her what is going to happen next she stopped because she was now aware of whats happening. Just because different airpressure is a thing i dont think its the only reason for babies to cry. Its because of their unawareness of the things happening around them too

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