The 1st Uzbekistan Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner UK78701 arrives for its first landing in desert an hour after departing for the first time from the Boeing Factory.

Filmed: August 2016 KMWH Moses Lake, WA USA. Origin of departure: KPAE Paine Field Everett, WA USA.


  1. i flied with uzbekistan airways like 20-50 times
    my mom is from uzbekistan so every year i go to uzbekistan for 30 days
    uzbekistan is a good country
    i like uzbekistan airways too.. when we are about to leave uzbekistan in 2 days
    we are going to buxoro airport to fly to tashkent theres a chance about what planes we can get : %75 prop plane %25 jet
    and after we fly to tashkent we rest in a hotel for 8 hours..
    in 4:00 AM
    we are going to Tashkent Global Airport
    and we find our airplane to return turkey..

  2. честно говоря ливрею давно пора осовременивать. и кстати совсем не обязательно чтобы она повторяла цвета национального флага

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