On August 6, 2011, Boeing unveiled the very first 787 Dreamliner to be delivered to All Nippon Airways (ANA). The video shows the color changing windows, the interior, the exterior and the cockpit.


  1. @Tecnigod and airbus doesn't receive help from the eu? we need 2 understand that countries will try to ensure that their industries thrive. it's a nationalist way of thinking. Boeing/US, EADS/EU

  2. @B0eing1992 I did use to like boeing!… er.. when Airbus "didnt existed"… but then "I saw the light… and it was good". 😀 It all started with the A320…. I then knew that was another world. Much diferent from the world of Boeing, Mcdonell and old A300´s.

  3. @DerPilotMann No, YOU get a life. It is not my fault that boeing is finished. It only survives on help from the government thru military programs with Mcdonnel etc etc It also survives on preassure from the US government to force countries with big superavit balance towards the US to be forced to buy american planes or else. Cases of China, Arab oil countries etc. In a real world, even the brazilian embraer would be ahead of you now. And now the chinese are coming with theire stuf.

  4. @Tecnigod Right… Both companies make great aircraft, hence why both can still sell them for millions of dollars. The 787 is a huge leap from the older boeing aircraft, in terms of fuel economy, and helping the pilots with newer advances in the flight deck. Look at the screens and the layout in the flight deck, everything is better in there. As far as passenger comforts go, the new windows are nice, and the seats are the airlines decision. Get a life troll.

  5. Awful unconfortable seats (his head to lay down on plastic!?). Terrible exterior frontsection appearing like a copy of the old caravelle. Not even going to comment the rest. Thank God there is Airbus in this world. Only countries that need to suck american government cock still buy boeing to make up for trade unbalance of the US. Political preassures sustain boeing. The pilot said the B767 cockpit is almost the same as this. Enough said. The B767 is a dinossaur. Great evolution (not).

  6. Yes, but there are changes in the bleeding system. I don't know exactly but what I heard is, many systems are converted to electricity, even the engine's ignition system. All jets uses APU and APU Bleed and Engine Bleed which takes the energy from the engines. The 787 has a little diffrent philosphy

  7. I think that the cockpit of the b747-400 and the b777 is more simpler than the b787, but the cabin is extremely wonderful specially the windows.

  8. @thelord333 because it should be…….The whole purpose was to produce a small yet efficient airplane. Do you even follow with the whole process here?

  9. @thesrpspaintshop It sucks that Apple doesn't want Flash on their devices. This is the number one reason why I didn't want to get an iPad. You get a gimped internet experience.

  10. @paskaldjay – nope, nothing special about the windows. Just that no other airliner in the world has them, or anything like them. That's all…

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