This video continues from Part 1 ( We fly Vietnam Airlines Business Class, in the Dreamliner Boeing 787. We are now safely in the air, having departed London Heathrow at 1100hrs local time. We are on our way to Hanoi on this 11hour flight. As this was a day flight, lunch would be served, in a more leisurely manner compared to the faster service during a red-eye. In Part 1, we looked at the menu, in this Part 2, we look at the food! Before lunch service, I got a post-take off drink, which was a Vietnamese Airline signature cocktail called Saigon Sunlight. It was made with whiskey, and tasted good. For starter, I chose the smoked salmon, which was good. For the main, I chose the fried cod with rice. A very hearty meal, with plenty of fish. You will see in the video that I finished it all.

Then, the cabin crew came around with a fruit and cheese platter, as well as honey ginger ice-cream with mango sauce. Check out the youtube premier of pouring Mango Sauce in Honey-Ginger Ice Cream! A first in Youtube history, I have no doubt about that.

Because this was a day flight, l couldn’t sleep much. I checked out the self-serve mini bar towards the front of the plane. It had some wines, spirits and soft drinks. Help yourself. During the flight, the cabin crew came around with little snacks. Breakfast was served about 2 hours before landing. I chose the Crayfish noodles, another interesting concoction. All was good. I noticed that this flight did not offer the legendary Vietnamese Pho – we had this famous Vietnamese dish for breakfast on the Ho Chi Minh to London leg. Probably the London aviation kitchen was not able to produce this dish, which is not surprising. Landing was on time and we arrived Hanoi safely, at around 5am in the morning local time. Thanks for the good flight and fine service.

After landing, we still had one more flight to go back to Singapore. We parked ourselves at the Lotus Lounge for some hours, before heading home on the final leg – Hanoi to Singapore – (this is the flight review)

Review of the Lotus Lounge at Hanoi Airport –

Blessed Christmas one and all!

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  1. This is what a video should look like!! Food, drinks, OK, I don´t need that but I really want to see what the flat-bed looks like!! Thank you.

  2. as a Vietnamese after watching ur video, i really want cabin crew need to improve their service. I noticed that when stewardess gave you a meal on tray, she just left even when you said "thank you", at least she should say smt like "you're more than welcome" or "enjoy your meal" instead of leaving like that. Anw, thank you for choosing VNA and hope you really had a good memory flying with VNA.

  3. If anyone see this comment and you knew about it, can you share it for me too? Thanks
    What are the different between premium economy class and economy class on airbus a350 of vietnam airlines.

  4. I've flown with them a number of times to London from Hanoi and the flights were excellent and the crew were amazing, one of the best business classes I flown in.

  5. It seems pretty good apart from the unfriendly-looking cabin crew. I like your written commentary – very amusing. Nice video

  6. Thanks for your video, after watching this I have now booked business class on Vietnam airlines to Singapore and will be visiting Saigon and Hanoi on the way back to London.

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