Vietnam Airlines Business Class in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, London to Hanoi Part 1. After a good break in the UK, it was time to head home. We fly Vietnam Airlines, back to Singapore, on the Dreamliner Boeing 787 via Hanoi. (When we flew to UK, it was via Ho Chi Minh, and the flight was very good!).

I have split this review into 2 parts. In this first part, I show you the boarding, settling into seat and takeoff. I got into some detail with the menu. This is a day flight (taking off at 1100hrs local time), so they served a more leisurely lunch, and followed by breakfast before landing. We were scheduled to land in Hanoi around 5am local time.

One interesting feature of the menu was the Signature Drinks. On the way to London, I tried both Hello Vietnam and Red River, On this flight, I would try the Saigon Sunlight. I noticed their wines on board were all French, perhaps not surprising in light of their French colonial past. Here is the link to Part 2, showing you the meals –

Blessed Christmas one and all!

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  1. Seems like this air stewardess squats down to take orders from all the business class passengers, which is only possible for this airline having pants instead of skirts as their uniform. I hope it won't be bad for her knee in the long run though.

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