Introducing ‘Birthday Girl’ G-VNEW! Watch our first Boeing 787-9 put together quickly in HD time lapse video.

Complete your experience of our 787 Dreamliner by discovering the service available on board of the aircraft: And find out additional fun facts, pictures of our Wander Wall and more on our blog:


  1. I will always be a fan of the 747-400. Nothing can look as good as that aircraft. It will be sad to see it go when its eventually decommissioned.

  2. I'm virgins biggest fan and on the 28th of March 2016 I went on a Airbus a340-600 vs111 and met the captain

  3. Worst thing about Virgin Atlantic is that you need to pay for wifi I hate the way that they're trying to create a quick buck

  4. This plane is amazing – just flew on one and the air system means you feel less jet lagged – amazing interior and modern. Fly me to the moon!

  5. That plane is so friggin' sexy it makes my groin hurt!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE AT BOEING & VIRGIN who brought Birthday Girl to life!!! WELL DONE!!!

  6. Hi Virgin
    I recon Qantas should purchase 8 of your A340-600s from you at $120 Million each
    I also am thinking about they should have the 10 Thai A340-600s to Qantas at $120 Million each .

    Total for 10 Thai A340-600s at $120 Million = $1.2 Billion
    and 8 or so of your A340-600s =$960 Million for 8 and 1.2 Billion for 10
    so for 20 A340-600s ( Both Thai and Virgin A340-600s = $2.4 Billion ) and for 8 of your A340-600s ( Thai ( 10 ) and Virgin ( 8 ) = $2.16 Billion
    Depends on how many Qantas would want

  7. BAD. Flying alone means that if you want a seat by the window is worse than the A340/330 two rows seats.

  8. I see that you have taken delivery of your 2nd 787-9 in LHR under an hour ago, what route is that going to operate on and will you be doing a few more weekes of short haul flights between PIK EMA MAN and LGW as you did with G-VNEW

  9. I am really surprised how "crude" and chaotic the fabrication process is at Boeing.
    If it streams up to the design+integration phase, it is no wonder the 787 is plagued with problems as it is.

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