Whole Flight Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – Birmingham to Delhi


  1. Reminds me of my flight a few years , brings back memories of a nice flight, entertainment, drinks, food and company of other passengers

  2. A lot of india ladies are beautiful…but sorry to say mostly yur fight attendant are ugly an mother image..why?

  3. Me nice flight Between Bangkok-Delhi and Delhi-Paris On time for each flight, Perfect Service, I was very impressive because i have saw some bad report on Air India. Now it's a real pleasure for fly with them

  4. Air India Drealiner flight is awesome… I really like the instrumental music that they play in every flight to welcome passengers…Air India food is awesome as well..finally..nice leg room.

  5. Lots better services than the 90's when they weren't part of star alliance. Not defending my national airline… but expectations in all South Asian airliner is supposed to be nil 🙁
    My best till date has been Etihad and Emirates 🙂

  6. Air india is sort of a no frills international airline, I do enjoy the improved service from the nineties and the food of course but other than that there isn't much to it. The plane hard facts.

  7. Back to Thailand I see…and a first for you…Air India? So the 2nd flight is a dreamliner to BKK as well….dreamliners all the way. Was the food spicy, was there breakfast?.

  8. hey buddy. i flew the same thing from Birmingham 6 weeks ago. first time for me. nice jet. hope ur well. david.

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