Full in-flight dining menu and rare glimpse into Xiamen Air 787 cockpit. Join my journey!

My second Business Class trip with Xiamen Air Boeing 787-8 flight highlights from Vancouver to Xiamen. First Class featuring 1-2-1 configuration; Business Class featuring 2-2-2 configuration; Economy Class featuring 3-3-3 configuration. Once again, excellent service by Xiamen Air crew!

There are limited number of complimentary Economy Class WiFi access available on first come, first serve basis. Please note, 2 out of 6 787 in service with Xiamen Air have not acquired WiFi capability, this particular plane happened to be one of the two. So no WiFi for me, sad face. Fyi.

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  1. Jason. Nice airline — but that's not really business class — try Qatar or Emirates in business — you will see much better seats, food and entertainment. MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than Xiamen airlines.

  2. Awesome footage of your flight and thank you for sharing. It was interesting to see what economy, business and first class looks like. What camera did you use to film this with?

  3. Really enjoy the video! Good job!Xiamen airlines is regarded as the best airline by Chinese passengers (better than Hainan airlines),though it is not recognized by Skytrax very much.

  4. Cool report of a (Skyeam)airline I didn't even know. I need to get the same camera as yours. that picture stability when you walk is just amazing ;-))

  5. Really awesome cabin. The meal presentation is beautiful also, especially the dim sum. Thanks for sharing this report and the flight attendant uniform is nice also.

  6. Happy New Year! I have a few questions~
    How did you film this clip? What kind of device did you use, phone or camera? Did you use any stablizers or other equipment ?

  7. This looked like China Southern 787 cabins.Excellent photography, the service looked very premium economy.Look forward to more of your visit.

  8. That ugly purple tray used to serve the meals in business class must go! Even if they wanted to use the tray, they could have covered it with a piece of linen.

  9. Omg, wonderful video! Big thumb up!!! Food looks amazing!! And what do you think if we write tribute to each other in future?

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