On July two, 1917, Captain Max Boucher flew the very first drone of background on the navy foundation of Avord: a Voisin a hundred and fifty HP. This is the commencing of the epic of the “unmanned plane”, which nowadays impose them selves from the navy to the leisure.

The rain falls, by fantastic showers, on the navy camp of Avord, in Cher. Not ample to discourage Captain Max Boucher, commanding officer of the Aviation College, which commences, on July two, 1917, at 1615, the engines of his Neighbor a hundred and fifty HP. The aircraft with truncated wings rolls for a hundred and fifty m and then normally takes off. It turns progressively to the correct, travels additional than five hundred m up to 50 m from the ground. Its two liters of gasoline do not allow for it to go more. It landed with out crashing, touching the correct wing.

In 1917, taking off a heavier than air is no more time nearly anything distinctive. The feat listed here is distinct: no human is on board. It is the system itself which guarantees its personal balance. A feat! This is what impresses Standard Ferrié: for what is precious in a navy plane is not the plane – which can be designed in collection – but the pilot, who calls for a long time of coaching, and produces dangers.

A yr in advance of, engineer Archibald Reduced launched a strategy in the United Kingdom of specific airplanes, piloted remotely by wireless telegraphy (TSF), to practice pilots in taking pictures with out risking a ” The plane towing the goal by miscalculation. Although in the United States, an additional team of engineers is doing work on a related job: the Hewitt-Sperry Automated Plane.

A very important evolution: the creation of the gyroscope

Is prepared due to the fact in 1894, Octave Detble, an aviation enthusiast, imagined a wing, consisting of diverging cones, which assures of itself the balance of the plane. In the United States, in advance of 1900, Samier Pierpont Langley experimented with an unmanned plane with steam and radio-controlled a prototype of a boat.

But steering a aircraft and securing a steady flight is considerably from very simple . Until eventually the American engineer Elmer Ambrose Sperry invents the gyroscope in 1909.

All these improvements have confident Max Boucher. In 1912 he proposed to Depth to style and design an unmanned plane. Their very first try, in 1914, fails: the motor of 30 HP is also weak. They have been prepared to try the experience with a greater motor, when the war in opposition to Germany broke out. “If we experienced five hundred planes of the variety Depth, the war would be around in six months” When he was appointed, in 1915, to reorganize the college of Avord, he therefore set up on two Neighbors the stabilizers of Detroit. And proved on two July 1917 that an unmanned plane was technically feasible.

The term “drone” appeared in England in 1935

In 1924, every little thing was about … apart from that the credits are lower. The job stops. The explanation is not that economical: the electromagnetic interference of the TSF makes unmanned plane pretty vulnerable to fight. In the United kingdom, however, the British air power nevertheless maintains the thought of ​​radio-guided airplanes to practice its pilots. The “drone” seems in 1935.

The automated goal plane DH.eighty two Tiger Moth, baptized Queen Bee [Effectaslowclumsyandnoisyflightthatevokesthatofthefalsedrone(themaleofthebee)!Thatis drone in English. A phrase that the US Navy will resume in 1941 for its goal plane Focus on Drone Denny …

In accordance to Science & Everyday living n ° 1198 – – Study the whole report (electronic subscribers) – Study in

The offer is multiplying, the armies are equipping them selves – S & V No. 965 (1998). “France has purchased 4 unmanned plane from Israeli origin (…) destined for observation. [Mais] long term drones will no more time be satisfied with observing (19459001) The invasion will be the invasion of the enemy, and they will be attacked by the enemy. Civil works by using – S & V No. 1160 (2014). “It is in civilian lifestyle that drones are taking around electricity.” They seduce “persons as pros”. S & V predicted: “The sky will quickly be invaded by drones” who observe, inspect, transportation … [“

Dread of the electricity stations – S & V n ° 1168 (2014). In October 2014, “EDF has determined twenty five flights of drones around fourteen nuclear electricity plants … A maneuver that is prohibited for any plane in just a five km radius about these delicate installations, At 1 000 m altitude “. S & V normally takes inventory of the complex means examined to stop overflight of delicate spots.

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