100 TL VS. 200 TL VS. 700 TL DRONE

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► On Saturday, October 28, Şişli Cevahir AVM Cinemaximum'a OHA I watch firommini with Melih, Fırat and Alper before the vision! The event will be held at 15:00 at AVM and the movie will be shown at 16:00. You can buy your movie ticket online or at Cevahir Shopping Center Cinemaximum. The movie will be shown on the 5th track. You can buy your ticket from the desired saloon. The OHA movie is suitable for 7+ year olds.
In this videomuz we are testing drones that sell 3 different fiasheds. How do they differ according to their prices?

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38 thoughts on “100 TL VS. 200 TL VS. 700 TL DRONE

  1. CEREN dipci

    oha diyorum kelime oyununa katilmiş biraz 9nce yayındaydı izleyenler +1 izlemeyenler kazananı öğrenmek istiyorsa yanıtlara 3 yazsın


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