1: What happened to the people on the 4 missing airliners? Impossible to know exactly since the CIA had known hijack drills that morning, fake radar data was inserted and real rada data was replaced. The CIA planned to hijack airliners and fly them to military bases in “operation malgom virgo”. They could have done it many different ways. It’s easy to make airliners disappear if you are the government. A good example is MH370, even with working and up to date radar tracking technology, the plane and all passengers are still missing several years later.

If nature can make an airliner disappear, imagine what the CIA can do on a morning with known hijack drills. Obviously they killed all the passengers. If you don’t think the CIA would kill americans, watch “CIA & Satanism” by Ted Gunderson.

2: Why didn’t they paint the belly to be dark blue like UA175?: Impossible to know their reasoning, but they felt it was enough to just paint the tail. You can’t deny the fact that they got away with it.

Even if you don’t believe the video footage shows it was a military plane and that all the witnesses were wrong, the engine that flew out from the supposed U.A. 175 crash did not belong to any of the missing 9-11 planes, no U.A. 767 in history has ever used that engine. The engine is forensic proof, study the pictures and compare it to the model UA175 used. The case is closed.

Here is the web article comparing the engines

Showing that the “hijackers” were nothing but CIA agents:

What happened to the 4 missing airliners?


  1. For those just coming here for the 9/11 anniversary, this channel (Xendrius) is the most viewed 9/11 material channel on the internet, there are around 15 videos here about 9/11.

    The most important one to see is "CIA insider tells 9/11 truth – scary facts HQ (that one is the original and has better quality). Watch that and show it to any skeptic who still thinks 9/11 was done by terrorists.

  2. dear God people are stupid as hell! a white plane with pink and yellow polka dots will look dark gray when viewed while its in shadow.
    and when viewed from underneath no windows or markings will be visible.
    for the love of God people,engage your brains and weed through the avalanche of witness statements and conjecture and heresay. you have to be intelligent enough to glean the facts from the pile of data that gets cast about by droves of excited and traumatized witnesses.

    notice how in one clip the 2nd plane looks gray and is moving in a particular direction.yet in another clip the plane is obviously different colors,has markings and seems to be moving in a completely different direction.
    could it POSSIBLY be that the 2 clips were filmed from 2 different locations and therefore have 2 different perspectives and show different details??? ya think?

    OR…is it an evil shadow government conspiracy attempting to decieve us with digitally doctored and edited video?

    for Gods sake get a clue people. rant complete

  3. Science. A jet liner, physically cannot travel at 530mph at 200 metres above sea level. Why? Because the air is too thick, horsepower. Science. A jet liner cannot descend at that speed. Why? It would disintegrate and it's wings would fall off. Science. A building cannot collapse at free fall speed on its own footprint without the use of demolition. Science. Jet fuel cannot melt steel. Science. The noise of a jet airliner at 530 mph at 200 metres above sea level would deafen the entire island of Manhattan to the point they would need medical assistance. Please please please please watch original footage of chopper 4 which shows no plane hitting wtc 2. Then watch the reconstruction of that footage. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I believe in the truth.

  4. What wasn't found after this incident:
    1:- 4 "indestructible" flight recorders
    2:- 4 multi-ton Boeing 767 turbofan engine
    What was found:
    1 unscratched hijacker's passport.
    Cool story bro.

  5. Great documentaries here but beware of potent false propaganda documentaries on the Illuminati which are very dangerous such as a documentary called "Satanism in Hip Hop encore" by Kijani Amari.

  6. SO now we have to believw these ppl who saw the plane but a black plane. WHat about the claims that there was no plane at all?so many theories. I would still believe that there were planes that hit those two towers. ANd conspiracy theorists will believe these ppl talking about black planes. But a lot of them have also suppprted thw no plane theory. SO what's up with everyone, huh? I hope the truth comes out and we have an interesting story in the end.

  7. Xendrius you ate the most stupid idiot on earth, first, how on earth would a rocket/drone did a plane imprint in the building like a passenger plane would!!! Second, we're you there and did you see the plane go in exactly the way you think!! Third, that "thing attached" is nothing! that is the wing to the fuselage part!!! YOU MAKE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE VIDEOS, SO HELP ME, I WILL REPORT YOU FOR OFFENSE CONTENT!! Get your facts straight before you talk to me, not off of STUPID SOCIAL MEDIA, but your own video studies. and some people may think that it was bombed in a close up video with people hanging out the window, That was the power flickering on and off.

  8. At 01:02/01:03, we can clearly see the left wing of the airplane disappearing behind a building in the background.
    I didn't know that aircrafts wings had such an extreme flexibility…

  9. Video Shopping by Darpa- no planes, no bodies no black boxes, no luggage  19 passports though! made it thru then smoke and fire — who are they kidding — we need to hang the fucking media as well as they are complicit-up to their eyballs

  10. Was it silver or black or grey? Was it big or small? With the grainy pics I don't see anything photoshop can't do. Illuminati? pfft

  11. Conspiracy theorist= somebody who believes that situations exist whereby men get together to agree or conspire on methods to further their own ambitions at the expense or loss of another person, or group of people. Sometimes that loss may extend to loss of life.

    Now then… who are the REAL nutters: those who believe conspiracies happen, or those who believe they don't?

  12. Assuming your theory is true , what was the purpose ? start a war ? There is a million better ways to do it , much less expansive , less victims . According to you , all the 911 calls , from planes , eye witnesses , all calls from planes , all firefighters are all in in the conspiracy ? Stupidly laughable !

  13. that engine looks pretty destroyed, and the 767 engine, a cf6, and a cfm56 look pretty similar. Are you sure they weren't confused? Just asking.

  14. Sadly, in about 10 or 20 years, people on their death beds will spill the beans. And just like JFK and the Princess Di's death bed confessions……nobody will give it any attention, in part due to all the years that will have passed. Shame!

  15. What a classic to answer 1. So what happened to 270 passengers and crew? Simple you reckon that the CIA murdered them all cold bloodedly…really? Wow! you guy, take this too far mate. I pity the families of these passengers and crew having to put up with what I think is garbage. So easy to make your accusations of mass murder by the CIA with out a skerrick of evidence or proof, shame I say

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