The traditional army parade of the fourteen-July on the Champs-Elysees will get location beneath substantial security. The Prefecture of Police thorough on Tuesday, July 11, the crucial gadget that will be deployed to make certain the easy running of the festivities. “We are in a context in which the terrorist danger continues to be at a substantial degree” recalled Michel Delpuech, prefect of law enforcement of Paris, in a push convention which franceinfo attended. Below is the meant gadget.

All around 11,000 policemen and gendarmes mobilized

In all, nearly 11,000 law enforcement and gendarmes will be mobilized for the festivities of fourteen-July in Paris. [19459107]

The live performance and the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower will also be secured by 1,900 policemen and gendarmes. In the relaxation of Paris, two,600 to two,900 other customers of the security forces will be mobilized to strengthen security.

“The total residence is mobilized” summed up on Tuesday the ” Prefect of law enforcement Michel Delpuech, which include the Brigade of investigate and intervention (BIS) “in reserve, prepared to intervene anywhere in the money”

Surveillance is also organized on the river and in the air. On the Seine, 6 river surveillance boats will be deployed. The Air Force will supply an crucial protective gadget, in distinct with the Reaper UAV, which will supply “a world-wide vision and to observe broadly the group movements” .

 The Reaper drone, delivered in 2014 to the French army, quickly convinced the staff of its effectiveness during the missions it fulfilled in the Sahel . The Reaper drone, sent in 2014 to the French army, quickly confident the Common Personnel of its efficiency during the missions it (19459018)

An anti-drones gadget, already in use in the previous two yrs, has also been established up to detect and neutralize malicious devices (DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP)

Two zones of protection and security

The Prefect of Police has made two zones of protection and security, 1 on the Champs-Elysees for the parade and the other on The Champ-de-Mars for live performance and fireworks, which can be activated by the prefect in the context of the point out of crisis regulates obtain to A specific area

People wishing to enter these locations have to undergo a examine and a research Their baggage or luggage by the forces of buy. The locations will also be protected by cars and concrete studs to reduce vehicle or truck intrusion.

Particular steps for the coming of Donald Trump

In the two zones of protection and security, it will be forbidden to introduce alcoholic beverages and objects likely to serve as weapons or projectiles. ]

Donald Trump will attend the army parade on the Champs-Elysees, invited by Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the centenary of the entry of the United States in the Initially World War. Amongst the distinguished friends, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also be existing on the occasion of the Franco-German Council of Ministers held the former working day

The stop by of the American president represents “a robust stake” and is the issue of “a shared security work concerning the American and nationwide teams”, admitted Michjel Delpuech. The prefect of law enforcement wanted to present himself reassuring: “Securing the itinerary of a head of point out given that Orly is some thing that we know how to do.”

Michel Delpuech has however refused to reveal the specific steps associated to this coming. These are nonetheless to be clarified, as the thorough software of the stop by of Donald Trump is not yet recognised

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