Several guests, typically quite youthful, have been urgent for 3 days during the EPFL to capture the finest professionals of the drones and to admire the pilots engaged in a significant-flying competitors.

     A drone was 5 meters from my incredibly hot air balloon


Rega worries
Even though we regard the letter rules and fly its drone in an approved zone, we can depict a risk. Primarily for Rega rescue helicopters, which in some cases have to land in unexpected sites. A drone that would fly way too near or touch the main rotor could be quite risky. In the worst scenario, it could even guide to a crash, the Rega claims. That retains us attentive to the improvement of drones and their regulation.


Incredibly stunning competitors
About 60 pilots squatted this weekend EPFL on a program created up of inflatable obstructions. The playground of these counters was surrounded by protective nets. And when they saw that these drones were managing at whole pace, they could only hope that they would fulfill their responsibilities. Several spectators, of all ages, remained eyes to the gear, attempting to set up which pilot was finest. This Lausanne competitors was part of the championship organized on the Swiss ladder.

Among the stands present at the Drone Times, the one particular held by the Cantonese law enforcement from Geneva and Geneva did not fill up, which happy the two speakers. It is crucial for us to consider benefit of these types of demonstrations to describe exactly the rules, notes Philippe Couturier of the Geneva law enforcement. People are stunned, for example, to know that in an exclusion zone these types of as an airport, flying a drone in its back garden is forbidden, even 10cm from the floor.

The amount of interventions associated to these machines about fifty Anne only in the canton of Vaud displays that the predicted lesson of drones will not be with no troubles. And forces of the buy mirror on the steps that may possibly one particular working day be necessary. To in shape every transponder drone would possibly be lidal, notes Christian Savary of the Vaud law enforcement.

With no heading so far, his Geneva colleague would see a general benefit in using the Flarm collision avoidance method, utilized in particular by the paragliders.


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