This video is the result of a 3 month drone journey throughout Los Angeles. We used every waking free moment to scout, plan, and shoot a variation of iconic locations and inspiring architecture. We shot approximately 50 different locations and only selected the absolute best shots. Our focus was on precision, speed, proper time of day, and most importantly, safety. The entire video was filmed with a DJI inspire 2 in Pro Res 422HQ.  This project has taken up approximately 4TB of space on our hard drives.

Safety Precautions and Legalities:
Every single shot in this video was completed in the safest means possible. This meant shooting at times when there was minimal or no pedestrian traffic. We shot everything in G airspace, or within areas that we have been granted FAA airspace waivers for. We used visual observers, hands-free radio communication, and also monitored proper airspace frequencies for nearby aircraft. We never flew over people, never flew over traffic, never flew over 400ft AGL (or 400ft above buildings), and ceased our flight operations at moments where abiding by FAA drone law would have been challenging. Some locations required multiple trips before the location was safe to shoot at.

Soundtrack: This is an original song written and recorded exclusively for this video titled “Lost Panorama” by To Be Decided, a Los Angeles duo comprised of guitarist Charlie Frey and pianist Caleb des Cognets; the song was produced by Josh Landis.   Click link to support the artist !

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Drone pilot Michael Izquierdo
Camera operator Caleb des Cognets.

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