Click to subscribe: — Had a lot of fun building my first 3D Printed FPV drone. Right after receiving my Anet A8 I gave it a pretty big task. I still wasn’t completely sure how to set it up for optimal printing (and still keep tweaking it), but it hammered this out in about 8 hours. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough. I took it out for its first flight and had an unfortunate crash while front flipping it. I printed a new top plate and camera mount to replace the broken parts and am showing the fixed version in this video. I’ve since taken it out several more times and really like this. I need to print some motor mounts to live them from that base a bit more because these short Emax 1806 motors aren’t tall enough. I had to add some spacers below the props to keep them from hitting the screws in the frame.

All-in-all it was a really great experience and rewarding to know that I can print something like this at home now. Links below to the 3D printer and the parts I used to build the drone.


Anet A8 3D Printer used to make it:

My quad setup:
Quadwich 180 from Thingiverse:

SPracing F3 Flight Controller:

EMax 1806 2280kv Motors:

Naze 32 F3 PDB (power distribution board):

Foxeer HS1177 Camera:

ReadyToSky TS5823 VTX:

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Video Gear I Use
Selfie Stick for iPhone:
VR Camera:
Wireless Microphone:
Studio Lights:

Please watch: “Losi DBXL-E Slow Motion Bash”



  1. Ive just found your channel and really like what you talk about – thinking about getting a printer myself as I am already knee deep into quad parts.

    Anyways – if I may suggest – I noticed that often you try to show detail by extending your arm. While this does work and is very quick, it just doesnt look good on camera. Since you have the ability to make video edits in post – I would suggest slicing in a short up close video of the detail your talking about. Just a thought.

    Keep on sharing with us! I do enjoy the content!

  2. Pretty cool man! Bummer on the breaks but at least you can just reprint the parts. I have one observation from the video though. When you fly, you point your head down. Your patch antenna is then pointing into the ground, not really helping if the receiver switches to it. Point that bad boy up so the beam has somewhere to project lol.

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