Solo currently supports GoPro Hero 3+ Black, Hero 4 Silver, and Hero 4 Black cameras.

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  1. What's the song title used in the video? I've had my solo for a few months now and I prefer it over my newly purchased DJI Inspire 2!!! Thanks 3DR Robotics for the awesome drone!!!

  2. what is the best tablet to use with the solo? does the tablet have to be anything special? I managed to load Google Play Store very easily on my Amazon hd8 Fire tablet would that be an OK tablet to use?

  3. Hmmmm…the gimbal head is so big that It should be on the opposite side to let the lens of the GoPro be align , atleast, at the center not the power button. just a thought.

  4. Can it fly in rainy weather? Is it water proof? What is the working distance and time? Already started saving up for this… xD

  5. Hello, my name is Justin Jackola. I am putting together a powerpoint presentation on drones and would love to include this video in my presentation. Would it be possible/would you be okay if I did that? Would love to get your permission b/c it's such a fun video. Please let me know as soon as you can. You can also email me at

  6. Many people in the comments here mention that DJI stuff is over priced. I came to 3DR looking for a better deal. Yikes! This Solo as outfitted is $1900 as opposed to $1250 for the Phantom 3. Sure, $400 of that is for a re-usable GoPro4, but that only brings the Solo down to $1400, which is STILL more than the Phantom 3.

  7. +3D Robotics do you sell special spray or are there ways to make the drone harder to spot in the air? In Spain they've adjust the law, disadvantage for news reporters like me who want to record events from the air. (I don't own this, but i am considering to buy this). Waiting for your feedback.

  8. So do you have to buy the GoPro or something cause technology like this should be around $250-$500 minimum, then the GoPro is $500 so in in total has to be more than $750 in total but if it doesn't require you to buy the gopro then carry on!

  9. You guys are awesome! You guys have really inspired me to build and test my own drones. I don't know how you guys did it but solo is the coolest drone that I know of. this summer has been awesome. I've been so busy with building my own quadcopter. I just want to thank you guys for everything you do. I hope that everyone is inspired too and support you guys.

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