How do you take down an illegal drone? Here are 4 Insane ways….

Battelle Drone Defender
Skywall 100
Excipio Net Drone


Wade Hutson –

Ty Rushing –

Kevin Murray –


  1. Typical Americans who need this shit. Solve everything with weapons.
    You catch my drone, i come over and beat the shit out of you, then i have my drone and your stupid drone catcher.

  2. I clicked on this video expecting to see toy drones with nerd guns attached to them and people shooting at drones with fireworks and not some expensive ass shit like this

  3. here have this multi thousand dollar piece of capture equipment to capture that delicate drone Hick Hick pumps shotgun that damn drone aint coming on my property BANG that there drone is a cooked goose

  4. wtf the eagles would totally get sliced up i hope this is also illegal and those idiots run out of gas at 10000 feet somehwere

  5. here in ca i can fly my drone over private property all i want as long as the faa does not have it listed as a restricted flight area like airports and if anyone takes it down i could sue them and they would get criminal destruction of property so if they do make these legal i have to find the business that have it so i can fly my drone over and get some $ from the lawsuit

  6. FYI guys, the first company from this vid is pronounced Battelle (buh-TELL)… they are something of a "special projects" engineering organization in the Columbus, OH area.

  7. ahahhaha, i'll pull out my net launcher, catch that damned Eagle, and make it my newer drone, and hey, it'll fly longer and higher than any drone would in today's world.

  8. How do you take down an illegal drone? in a situation where a drone is not only trespassing on your property, but is intentionally trying to harm you, then you can shoot it down.

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