4K video Ultra HD, shot with Inspire 1 Raw drone in Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) Buy this film here:

Rendered to 4K 60fps UHD film from raw footage.

You may see the locations below or in the annotations upper left corner of the screen.

0:00:01 – Coyhaique (Chile)
0:00:13 – Torres del Paine (Chile)
0:00:25 – Volcano Tronador (Argentina)
0:00:34 – View from Lake Hess (Argentina)
0:00:44- Mascardi lake, Bariloche (Argentina)
0:00:54 – Mascardi lake
0:01:03 – Cerro Torre, El Chalten (Argentina)
0:01:22 – Osorno Volcano, Puerto Varas (Chile)
0:01:32 – El Cerduo, Pucon (Chile)
0:01:44 – Caburgua lake, Pucon (Chile)
0:01:54 – Minetue river, Pucon (Chile)
0:02:03 – Minetue river
0:02:12 – Liucura, Curarrehue (Chile)
0:02:22 – Volcano Lanin, Curarrehue (Chile)
0:02:33 – Quetroleufu, Pucon (Chile)
0:02:41 – Bahia Lopez, Bariloche (Argentina)
0:02:51 – Marble caves, Puerto Rio Tranquilo (Chile)
0:03:01 – Lake General Carrera (Chile)
0:03:10 – Lake General Carrera (Chile)
0:03:22 – Bahia Pascasio, Bariloche (Argentina)
0:03:41 – Laguna Amarga, Torres del Paine (Chile)
0:03:46 – El Cerduo with Villarrica volcano, Pucon (Chile)
0:03:46 – Petrohue river, Ensenada (Chile)
0:04:00 – Futaleufu river, Futaleufu (Chile)
0:04:10 – Lago Pehoe, Torres del Paine (Chile)
0:04:15 – Lake Quilleihue (Chile)
0:04:20 – Lago Mascardi (Argentina)
0:04:30 – El Cerduo, Pucon (Chile)
0:04:51 – Panguipulli (Chile)
0:05:00 – Puerto Rio Tranquilo (Chile)
0:05:10 – Bahia Lopez (Argentina)
0:05:20 – Marble caves
0:05:29 – Lake Caburgua (Chile)
0:05:39 – Unknown mountain near Rio Manso lodge (Argentina)
0:05:44 – Torres del Paine
0:05:50 – Lake Quilleihue (Chile)
0:06:13 – Bahia Lopes, Bariloche (Argentina)
0:06:41 – Cerro Tronador (Argentina)
0:06:55 – Lago Mascardi (Argentina)
0:07:22 – View of Calbuco volcano Los Lagos (Chile)
0:07:49 – Flying At the foot of Osorno Volcano
0:08:03 – Bahia Pascasio, Bariloche (Argentina)
0:08:30 – Lago Mscardi, Bariloche (Argentina)
And many many more

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Music rights reserved, see credits below

1. Cinematic inspiration from Audio Jungle
2. “Far Away by Sappheiros” :
3. Fluidscape Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

4. “Fly Away” licensed from Capoproductions.

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  1. Guys, if you don't have the 4K option on your device, it doesn't mean that I am a liar. Please check your setup before blaming me. This video IS 4K UHD!! Thank you.

  2. Amazing Drone Footage from those Places combined with great music well done + not 8 Hours or 10 Hours but a complete 18 Hours to see and music to listen to.

  3. Truly magnificent work, Lounge V – Here is God's creation from a whole new perspective. I love virtual flying! Thanks! Heather JOY

  4. Hello,please can you please tell me how much costing you drone-name type?This scene is fantastic!!Pavel from Czech rep.

  5. Great footage for testing monitors, computer CPU/GPU usage, and network speeds. I can play 2160p60 perfectly without any buffering. Thanks for uploading!

  6. Why is chrome such a terd? I was dropping a TON of frames on my HTPC (nvidia gt1030, amd athlon 5350). Switched to edge browser and not a SINGLE dropped frame lol. Its crazy just how poorly optimized chrome is.

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