All 5 Sharks invested in the drone business with xCraft. Watch this scene from Shark Tank – Season 7: Episode 5.



  1. The main Xplusone product didn't seem all that special to me. At least it just appears like a couple carbon-fiber wings with a go-pro gaffer taped on. The phone drone was the saving grace though. That opened it up big time.

  2. if Barbra was here she would of been the only shark out and ruined everything because she always finds a stupid excuse on why to go out.

  3. (Sorry for my english grammar) But
    I think it's not the actual XplusOne drone that made the sharks really interested and excited but to their "phonedrone". Yes. That prototype machine that can fly your phone and basically turning it into a drone is definitely a HERO in the future. It's under development yet, but I think if that will become a patented and exclusive product by XCraft in the future, definitely it will generate billions of dollar in sales whether through licensing deals or in retail. This phonedrone can be more useful or suitable for "beginner-level" or first-timer consumers who wants to practice first before buying a more expensive full- blown drone. Or for those who can't simply afford an expensive drone but wants to experience having one. Or for those practical consumers who instead of buying a single expensive $1500++ drone, why not just buy a $300-phonedrone + $1000- smartphone of my choice?I think, for those die-hard techy drone user, they will stick to an actual and full blown 'real' drones, but for the majority of the population who can't afford to buy an expensive drone but just want to experience owning a a drone for simple purposes like selfie, taking videos in the sky, etc, I think buying a phonedrone would be more practical for most consumers around the world than buying an expensive full blown drone.

  4. I once got my neck flap caught in a droner rutter, and flew into space into hostile territory, so dor that reason, im OUT!

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