With the amount of drone content online these days it can be hard to have your photos stand out. Yeah, drone photos are cool to scroll on Instagram, but don’t they all kinda look the same? If you’re looking to take your drone photos to another level, look no further. Here’s 5 easy ways to take better drone photos:

Play with perspective

Crop, skew, flip, frame, rotate – Play with editing your photos to get a different perspective from the original shot. Flip the image, crop the edges to clean it up, or rotate the photo to play with composition. Have some fun with it until you find a look you like.


Don’t be afraid to center your photos

You may have heard centering the subject of your photo is a big mistake in traditional photography. But forget about that – drone photography is NOT traditional photography so the same rules don’t apply.


Check photos by Tobias Hagg for some center-aligned inspiration!

Look for strong lines in nature

Half the battle of taking visually pleasing drone photos is finding visually pleasing places to shoot. Always keep an eye out for places you think might look cool from an aerial perspective.


A winding road, a jagged shoreline, two contrastingly coloured fields right next to each other – you can usually sense landscapes that will look neat before you even get your drone in the air.

Get Creative

As drone photography is becoming more common, the same basic landscapes shots just aren’t cutting it anymore. If you really want to impress people you’re going to have to think outside the box.


Always think about how you can use your drone to capture images and scenes in new ways. Check out the 2017 Internal Drone Photography Contest for some amazing original ideas.

Use dramatic filters

Don’t shy away from adding a bit of flash to your photos. I know people don’t like to go over the top when adding filters to their normal Instagram photos, but drone photos aren’t normal photos so they shouldn’t be treated the same.


With the added level of small detail brought by aerial perspectives, a more intense filter can help bring out those highlights and really make your photos pop! Apps like VSCO are filled with tons of filters and tools for customizing your photos (and its free).


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