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We are always using Action Cams for just about every kind of shot for our videos, but it seems like they are always taking the most abuse of all of our gear. We learned very early on that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on GoPro cameras, especially in the world of RC as they take hits all the time, breaking things and just getting covered in dirt! Abby and I are always happy to share some savings with those that watch our channel, and the WIMIUS Q4 brings that to the table in the form of 4K! We couldn’t believe that we found this for $55, with all of those accessories! Most action cams come with half this stuff included, and would cost a ton just to get the little bells and whilstels, let alone the camera itself! Check out this camera in action mounted on our race drone, and keep in mind it films in 1080 at 60 frames per second as well as 720 at 120 fps! Very Cool! The camera is linked above and below for you to check out 🙂

WIMIUS Q4 Action Cam –


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  1. For Drone or any application where you can possibly destroy a camera I think you guys nailed it. I bought a HD version right before the 4K came out and love it.

  2. sound wasnt really great,a bit muffled but pretty much like the one offered on banggood about a year ago. I need to use mine more often. Great flying Nate!

  3. While the video was quite jerky, I was amazed at the great color and overall sharpness of the video. I would like to see how well it does at 1080p and 60fps. Will you do a sequel? Awesome price!

  4. going off the case that was in the box is it about the same size as a GoPro the footage looks fantastic nice and clear good color good video

  5. Wow Nate and Abby, that seems awesome. So much that I utilzed your link and ordered one for myself. Thanks for finding this one out for all of us. Jeff (nice flying Nate!!!) (Dang Nate :), I've admired your flying with that Walkere Furious all along and have watched you progress well in your flying skills, Soooooo, got off the fence and I ordered my self a Walkera Furious 215 RTf and am so excited. New quad and this camera from your video Nate and Abby, Love it. )lol lol 😀

  6. I like the Q4 very much; I have worked f them. My only beefs with it, are the fragility if the back display and the (Android) app's flakiness. Very good quality video, excellent price.

    Good job, Team! Always thorough and helpful.

  7. Good cam, prob a little rough with the sound, and a little jerky on video. As not all of us have a moniter that will do 4k. But I do like the camera, good price to..Was going to get one but the dont send to New Zealand 🙁 And after watching the video on the Feilun FX122, might get one of those of a monster truck..havent decided which one 1st

  8. Eww, that 4K did not look to be 30fps. Looked around 12-15fps, which is not unusual for those cheap Chinese cams.

  9. I'll bet that footage would be a lot smoother with a good Class 10 SD card. I had the same problem with a camera dropping frames like that and it turned out I got a cloned SD card from amazon. From then on I only buy from them in person from legit stores like Walmart and BestBuy.

  10. @TheRcSaylors Nate, I love watching you fly your race drone. Nice footage! Abby, I wonder what you're thinking when Nate does that close flyby at 3:47 and you grab his arm. "Nathan! Don't hit us!" 🙂

  11. Hi RCSaylors, Video was awesome but the sound quality out of the camera was not the best. But hey for $55 who cares. As always…awesome job guys.

  12. Nice little camera! The footage is just a little rough, but I think that is likely just the shutter speed on the little camera in the bright sun. I love this new lake location! You guys paddle that yet?! I love these gear reviews!

  13. It seems like a good camera especially for the price. I'm not entirely sure that testing it on a race-drone highlights its best qualities but a lot of people will use it for that purpose so it's fair enough. I get to try one out next week (not on a quad as I don't have one big enough). If it does what I want then I'll buy one but this test will add to the decision process so thanks

  14. Nice.. I been looking at listing's of this exact cam the other day, but I been stung before buying an advertised 4k wifi action cam that wasn't at all.. Only shot Max res in glad you shared this video and showing how clear the HD 4k footage is as now I will definitely buy one.. Thanks RC Saylors

  15. Hey Nate I noticed that your flying FPV has improved a lot with this video. Good Going the cam that you used did a great job with the sound an video.

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