Disclaimer: This article has nothing to do with the fact that Trevor Bauer blocked me on twitter (The only Indians player to do so). 

Even though it seems like Trevor Bauer has been around forever, it is important when looking at some of his actions/behaviors that he is still just 26 years old. He started his Major League career at 21 with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2012, and was with the Tribe by 2013 via the three team Shin-Soo Choo trade.

A young Bauer with his drone and bloody finger that contributed to his missing games in the ALCS and two World Series losses in 2016.

Oh wait…that is not the picture of Trevor Bauer looking like a kid. That is a kid looking like Trevor Bauer.

Arizona pitching coach and former Tribe pitcher Charlie Nagy heads to the mound to talk to the young rookie.

Trevor Bauer had a reputation as a “know it all” and a “pain in the ass” early in his career.

Early in his career Bauer was known for being a stubborn “know it all”. When the Diamondbacks traded Trevor Bauer and received a semi-prospect in return, it was natural to wonder about the team’s motivation.

“When you get a guy like that and he thinks he’s got everything figured out, it’s just tough to commence and try to get on the same page with you.” Montero said the goal was to simplify things for the rookie, but the cerebral Bauer wanted no part of that.

It quickly became about getting any value for him at all, and the Diamondbacks were worried they wouldn’t even get a young shortstop if Bauer continued his rankling ways.

When Miguel Montero says that Bauer needs to stop throwing so many damned pitches, and Bauer says, “No, this works for me,” maybe Bauer is right. When Bauer told teams before the draft to pass on him if they were wary of his delivery, conditioning, or warmup routine, maybe he was right to do so. Because even if it’s a little arrogant to suggest that you know better than the collective knowledge of an entire organization, it’s not like any team or organization has figured out the secret to keeping young pitchers healthy.

So if Bauer thinks he’s reinvented the wheel hell, maybe he has.

Or maybe the Diamondbacks are right, and they have built the credibility to say, “Look at all of the young pitching we’ve drafted and developed, like Wade Miley and Patrick Corbin, Daniel Hudson and Ian Kennedy. Look at the players around the league, like Brett Anderson and Max Scherzer, who have pitched well after graduating from Diamondback Tech. Now shut up, and listen to us.” Don’t know.

I’m not going to assume that Bauer is a head case, a problem child, or an arrogant twit just yet. Men spend their lives studying it – literally their entire adult lives – and leave this place not knowing exactly how to develop pitchers and keep them healthy. If teams had a better track record of keeping young pitchers healthy and effective, maybe it would be easier to dismiss Bauer out of hand.

Long post short: If Bauer pitches well for a long time, you won’t hear so much about how difficult he is, all he is right now is a guy who thinks he knows how to keep young pitchers healthy and effective.

Bauer ready to rock the mic.

Bauer was part of a rap goup called “Consummate 4Sight”…seriously.

Mere days after Montero told ArizonaSports.com that Bauer “Never wanted to listen” and “Thinks he’s got everything figured out,” Bauer’s rap group – Consummate 4Sight – released a track called “You Don’t Know Me” to diss someone who “Hides behind a mask” for spreading rumors that Bauer refuses to listen.

That’s not surprising, as Montero was so disarmingly candid by the typically guarded standards of professional athletes that it suggests he and Bauer had long since stopped pretending to get along. Plus, if we encourage Bauer’s hobby, we stand to gain untold insight into big league clubhouse dynamics from forthcoming mix tapes and freestyle videos on youtube.

How many will fall before Miguel Montero and Trevor Bauer squash the beef? Probably none, because they’re baseball players arguing over bullpen sessions.

Here are some of the lyrics from “You Don’t Know Me.”

“You can say what you want, even if hate’s all you got, but you don’t know me. You don’t me.”

“All the speculation out there about my reputation, it’s because you don’t me. You don’t know me.”

“You judge on appearance, you don’t judge me on my merits, because you don’t know me. You don’t know me.”

“You hide behind a mask to facilitate a task, but you don’t know me. You won’t know me.” The last verse seems to be a direct reference to Montero, but Bauer told reporters that wasn’t the case.

Bauer told them his friend, Connor Garelick, Tweeted the song Wednesday night. Bauer, shockingly, added that he retweeted it, not thinking about the reaction it would cause.

Bauer said the timing was “Unfortunate.” Calculated is another way to put it. On Bauer’s Twitter account, he Tweeted that the song was going to be released. Bauer called his songwriting endeavors a hobby and compared it to fishing.

Talking to reporters, Bauer said, “I hope this whole thing can just die and go into oblivion where it should be. There’s nothing to talk about, really.”

Just in case yoyu think I am making this up, see for yourself.

That is Bauer on the left.

This stinker has a whopping 70 views.

Bauer has a reputation of being a bit of a nerd, or even eccentric.


Bauer sliced open the pinky finger on his pitching hand during the 2016 ALCS partaking in a pastime few of his contemporaries would even consider – making and maintaining his own drones. Bauer has a fleet of about 10 of these home-made flying machines and even brought one to the podium with him to – in his words – “Answer any questions about what happened that I can’t answer.” He referred to it as his “Friend” despite the fact it was in fact the drone that sliced him open as he tinkered with it several nights prior.

The stitches did not last long after pitching at full speed.

His passion for drones is actually related to that love of Star Wars because it was a video on drones he saw back in 2013 that reminded him of “The scene on Ednor where they’re driving the speeder bikes.” That last part is in quotes because I have no idea what it means or refers to.

“It’ really a non-issue,” Bauer said.

“Whether he gets them out or doesn’t, I don’t think this is going to be a big deal.” Francona said referring to the stitches Bauer received on his little finger on his pitching hand. Bauer has already endeared himself to an appreciative media with his willingness to open up to whatever question is thrown his way.

Trevor and his “partner” at the podium.

“It’s basically like a good marriage, right? We fight all the time, beat each other up ….” and then because he’s wise to the ways of the world, Bauer caught himself.

“Don’t do that. That could get taken out of context. I definitely don’t endorse that.” Bauer finally said.

Like it or not, Bauer is now known for his drone incident.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Trevor Bauer. I wrote this because I was genuinely surprised at everything that I found on the guy while looking for pictures for another post. The way he has pitched over the last two months or so has proved why Buer was the Diamondbacks number one overall pick and he will make a name for himself on the national stage this post season and for the right reasons this time. If he can leave his drones alone at least….

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