In the Bordeaux region, a excellent classic has just endowed by itself with a drone permitting to observe as closely as possible the mildew to limit the phytosanitary treatments

The Château Pape Clément, a single of the most prestigious and oldest vineyards in Bordeaux, which was initial harvested in 1252, is at the forefront of innovation.
This grand cru de Graves has been experimenting for the previous six months with the state of the artwork of viticultural technology created by Chouette
This youthful French shoot launched in June 2015 has created a software program and a traveling equipment geared up with a digicam “doing work as well as the eye of the winemaker and permitting a quasi-surgical investigation of the affliction of the plots” on the 70 hectares of the Bernard Magrez vineyard, explains Charles Nespoulous. “This is significant-precision technology, with a resolution of 1 to 2 mm for every pixel” specifies this engineer converted to the enterprise
pretty early mildew and consequently limit the use of phytosanitary in the vineyards, for a viticulture far more respectful of the ecosystem “adds Arnaud Delaherche, microbiologist specialized in oenology and head of the scientific pole of the team Magrez.
For the duration of the flight, the intelligent unit multiplies the visuals making use of a multispectral digicam which transmits the data collected on a website platform in the type of a mapping of the contamination.
It is consequently equipped to understand the varieties, colors and indications characteristic of vine illnesses.

Really encouraging outcomes

At the conclusion of the initial six months of experimentation at the Château Pape Clément, the outcomes are “pretty encouraging” to the place of urging the team Magrez to continue on the experiment “on a larger scale” on other plots of grand cru, and even to lengthen it to the detection of other parasitic fungi this sort of as oïdium. The added benefit brought by this drone? (a single hour) and higher than all the high-quality of the sensors which makes it possible to locate as exactly as possible the zones to be targeted “underlines Arnaud Delaherche. Modulation software program for plant security goods has only to adapt the doses of pesticides to the diploma of infection, to decrease their environmental effects.

This modern equipment, also below experimentation on compact private plots of Champagne, charges amongst 1,000 and 3,000 €, in accordance to the agreement of membership indexed for every hectare and for every thirty day period of use.

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