In the Bordelais, a excellent vintage has just endowed by itself with a drone permitting to monitor as near as possible the mildew to restrict the phytosanitary treatment plans

The Chteau Pape Clment, a person of the most prestigious and oldest vineyards in Bordeaux, which produced its first harvest in 1252, is the level of innovation.

This excellent cru class of Graves has been expressing for 6 months the incredibly very best of the wine technological know-how developed by the corporation Chouette
This youthful French shoot founded in June2015 has developed a computer software and a flying equipment with a ” a camra functioning as well as the eye of the winemaker and permitting a quasi-surgical assessment of the condition of the plots on the 70 hectares of the vineyard of Bernard Magrez, points out Charles Nespoulous. It is superior precision technological know-how, with a resolution of 1 2mm for every pixel specific this engineer transformed the corporation
This drone can so detect incredibly early mildew and so to restrict the use of phytosanitary agents in the vineyards, for a viticulture more respectful of the atmosphere provides Arnaud Delaherche, microbiologist specializing in the oenology and head of the scientist of the group Magrez
intelligent equipment multiplies the clichs applying a multispectral camra which transmits the details gathered on a internet system in the type of a mapping of the contamination.
It is so ready to acknowledge designs, colours and indications characteristic of diseases of the vine.

incredibly encouraging outcomes

At the end of the first 6 months of experimentation at Chteau Pape Clment, the outcomes are incredibly encouraging to inspire the group Magrez to go after the experiment more substantial scale on other plots of grand cru, and even to tend to the detection of other parasitic fungi such as odium. The additional value brought by this drone? A increased autonomy of flight (a person hour) and earlier mentioned all the quality of the sensors which tends to make it possible to track down as specifically as possible the zones to concentrate on underlines Arnaud Delaherche. modulation of pesticides no more time has to adapt the doses of pesticides to the degree of an infection, to limit their environmental affect.

This progressive equipment, also in the approach of remaining tested on tiny, confidential plots of Champagne, ranges among 1,000 and three,000 €, according to the index subscription contract for every hectare for every month of use.

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