The machine has “shipped” a parcel, the prisoners of which have taken possession, making vanish its contents. The ground was seized.


 The prison is already confronted with the almost daily introduction of

A drone has managed to introduce himself on Tuesday fifteenth August in a courtyard of the in the Drôme and to deposit a parcel, arousing the panic of the supervisors, by now confronted with many intrusions of illicit substance, In accordance to a jail trade union resource.

This condition-of-the-artwork jail has an anti-helicopter net that addresses the courtyard, but the drone has succeeded in passing by the meshes. He landed in the courtyard at a time when “ almost all detainees ” have been exterior, mentioned UNSA justice to AFP on Wednesday. It was geared up with a digital camera and carried a clearly identified deal “specified the union, confirming data of France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche.

“The notify was quickly presented by the watchtowers, and the detainees have been all searched at the exit of the promenade. But it was difficult to locate the contents of the deal, which the prisoners quickly seized and which passed from hand to hand “deplores the exact resource. “The hierarchy of the penitentiary heart, law enforcement which attempts to increase the observe of the drone, have been pretty reactive and the ground was seized” . The management could not be joined on Wednesday early morning.

A move toward “the introduction of harmful issues”

This is a very first move toward the introduction of far more harmful issues,” the union. “Today, it&#39s probably drug. Following time, it could be weapons, explosives, a implies of finding the sites many thanks to the digital camera of the drone for tries to escape … “. The union UFAP UNSA Justice of Valencia mentioned in a assertion that did not halt demanding the strengthening of the implies of securing the institution “.

This is a new threat, while “ projections of illicit supplies ” over the partitions of the jail are by now “ almost daily In accordance to the union. The jail knowledgeable two mutinies in September and November 2016 in the community reserved for lengthy sentences.

This delivery by drone is a very first in Valencia, but phenomena of this sort multiply in the prisons prisons . In March, a drone was discovered smashed in the compound of the jail of Villefranche-sur-Saone, in Saône-et-Loire. In January, two cell telephones have been shipped by a drone to the Annœullin jail in the north. And in June 2015, one more drone, with a wingspan of far more than just one meter, experienced flown over the jail of Bourg-en-Bresse, in the Ain.


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