On the celebration of the summer time school of Ludovia, 14th version, lots of teachers and other associates of the instructional neighborhood will come to existing their encounter with electronic on the topic of ” “Sharing, exchanges & contributions with electronic”. Ludomag proposes to give you a style of these workshops right up until the starting of the party, Tuesday, August 22.

Nathalie Etcheverry will existing “A Drone module in BTS” on Session II: Means, game titles & content material

Academic issues:
The use of drones in agriculture and in numerous civilian professions is starting to be extra and extra regular in the skilled planet.

The use of this resource is produced in a huge variety of farms New in agriculture, just as ended up earlier the guidebook bars on tractors or hoeing robots.

Today, it appears to be to me suitable to integrate a module in general public agricultural education.
It is not a problem of coaching industry experts of the drone but of permitting the long term farmers and agricultural professionals to acquire A basic coaching in the use of this resource utilized to their long term trade.

In agriculture, the drone is applied for:
• Mapping of plots to evaluate selected activity costs of plants and so improve inputs to the most exact demands of plants, modulate the contribution of (19459039) • Monitoring of levees, growth, sickness and game harm on plots
• The initial techniques of the undertaking, which are centered on agronomic recommendations in relation to extra agro – Use of biological manage on plants, eg spreading trichograms by drone on plots to manage corn borer

And in conversation: drone illustrations or photos of farms permit people to improved know the amenities of farmers with direct business activity

Why a drone module in BTSA?
Drones fascination lots of youthful persons these days and lots of persons have experienced as a present. Some youthful persons are by now outfitted with DJI Phantom drone and wish to be able to use them in their trades soon after coaching.
With the CUMA networks, lots of youthful persons and long term farmers will be able to receive Of drones in popular and use them in the context of precision farming.

Throughout the farm visits in the framework of the MIL “New systems in the assistance of the agro-ecology” the farmers would like to receive drones.
In Highland in Blagon on the farm SCA BOUFFLERD of 440 ha, Mr. Delatre, the supervisor, also wishes to invest in monitoring crops and irrigation.

In Chalosse in Morganx, the CUMA CEDO farmers&#39 group would also like to equip themselves to fly more than the plots. They have a difficulty of passing wild animals (hordes of wild boars) and would like to see from the sky the circuits that move on their cultures. They will so be able to alert the hunting associations.

The module will be offered in two sections: a theoretical portion of 20H to get ready the theoretical ULM and a useful portion «to pilot a drone autonomously» of 8H.
Particular emphasis will be placed on the regulation and the Safety principles.

Presentation of the technology applied:
The MIL “New Technologies for Agroecology” drone module contains preparing for the ULM pilot theoretical certification and an introduction to the piloting of drones on A whole period of 3 times with the teachers.

• ULM Theoretical Patent: It will be realized in development with the professor who intervenes in the framework of the MIL New systems in the assistance of agroecology Mrs. Etcheverry and a graduate instructor of plane pilot who performs at the FDCUMA of Landes M Yann Loubic
(In relation to the Decree of Might 4, 2000 about the courses and routine for the evaluation of the patent and the pilot license for extremely-mild motorized plane, Posting two Theoretical popular evaluation.)

It is prepared a particular patent theoretical Drones in the course of the calendar year 2018.

The initial classes will be realized on a simulator (Phoenix) in laptop or computer room to memorize the Commands and receive some reflexes prior to applying genuine equipment.
As soon as the commands are acquired at the simulator, pupils will use the Parrot Mambo mini drones for novices and Spyrit FPV at the higher school gymnasium (these mini drones can be programmed For a peak and a most speed) for the initiates.

Mastering of pilotage in sight flight with radio will be realized with basic workouts and courses in the gym.

Just one to two classes will be performed exterior with the regulatory apps for a quadricopter kind and embedded camera. There will be the likelihood of programming a flight path: for instance, the overflight of an agricultural plot. (Storm H and DJI Phantom)
Every single pupil will move a single by a single more than a supplied time (hence the fascination of having many batteries mainly because the flight time is 25mn most).
This sequence is carried out exterior the perimeter of the secondary school which is in a particular zone mainly because of the existence of the EALAT (formation piloting helicopters for the army).

Relation to the topic of publishing: sharing, exchanges and contributions with electronic
The theoretical ULM patent is centered on a MCQ of 40 inquiries. Immediately after a basic theoretical contribution, the pupils will have to train beforehand on these MCQs (as for the freeway code). Many web-sites dedicated to ULM and Drones supply coaching MCQs

At initial, the teachers will provide explanations in laptop or computer room But the 20 hrs will not suffice and they will have to keep on the coaching themselves.

These web-sites created by fanatics permit a sharing of means and coaching evaluations (FLY AZUR, PARAMOTEUR.Professional, SOUTH-EAST AERO, ULM Information, PARIS FRANCE PARAMOTOR, ULM TOULOUSE AND TARN for totally free)

It should be mentioned that the period of the useful portion is very quick, so it is vital that the pupils have an initiation of commands in simulator prior to taking the genuine commands at the risk of harmful the equipment.
In the laptop or computer room, a totally free FPV Occasion simulator with game console joysticks will permit you to receive the basics: get-off, landing, flight in translation, visible and FPV, crisis procedures, fall short harmless etc. .
If we get funding for the Phoenix Simulator, a single of the most effective flight simulators, we can guarantee a quality preparing.

What’s more the use of the quadricopter and the taking of illustrations or photos on the plots will permit a useful use during the analyze of the mapping on the GIS portion of the MIL in the 2nd calendar year

This all round encounter will be shared on the ENT LEA of the New Aquitaine area, POLLEN and definitely Acoustice.

Synthesis and contribution of the return to use in course:
The initial version will be realized at the starting of November 2017. The variety of pupils is not definitive but there will be at minimum 21 pupils. An group of the useful portion will have to be carried out: a 50 percent group in the gymnasium (initiation mini drones), and an additional in laptop or computer room (simulator and MCQ)

For the time getting, I only realized demonstrations and visits of drones stands in the Innovagri, Mecamaïs and SIMA parlors in Paris.

For their portion, the pupils feel enchanted to have out this module and some of the Administration and Maîtrise de l&#39Eau wish to take part.
It is selected that these new tools attract lots of youthful persons and agricultural industry experts .

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