These migratory birds get there in the Hexagon in April and leave in September at the end of the year. South of the Sahara.

With the scarcity of natural areas, they nest on the ground … in fields.

“Some chicks, nevertheless not able to fly in the mow, are caught by agricultural machines, with no signifies at their disposal. “

 The Gray Harrier nests on the ground, unlike other birds of prey . / © R. Riols - LPO Auvergne
The Gray Harrier nests on the ground compared with other birds of prey.

Finding the nests

The to start with work of volunteers is to find the nests in the fields, with the settlement of the farmers.

“The use of the drone takes place after the nesting phase. Once the destinations have been famous, the drone is traveling more than the parcel at about 24m peak, The nest descends to 3m, records its coordinates, will take a image and leaves, the manipulation will have lasted significantly less than five minutes, “claims the LPO

“Some chicks, nevertheless not able to fly in the mow, are caught by agricultural machines, with no signifies to escape.” Then, measures are put in location to safeguard the birds like a displacement of the nest or a square of the unharvested industry which is often surrounded by fences to keep away from predation Other animals.

And the LPO reminds us: “Farmers have each individual desire in wanting to retain Harriers in their fields.” Enable us recall that the Gray Harrier Is an excellent help in opposition to the voles, and they also frighten crows and crows in the vicinity of their nests, cutting down the injury in close by seedlings. “


A threatened species


Categorised among the vulnerable species: The Gray Harrier is in the purple listing of breeding birds of Auvergne. The implementation of safeguarding measures is as a result essential to the sustainability of the populations of Gray Harriers. In addition, Harriers, like all species of raptors, are safeguarded in France.

This great work allows every year to help save a substantial selection of chicks, so until eventually 2016 it is a full of one,196 younger individuals who have been rescued in Auvergne. With no these protecting and conservation steps, carried out in all the French areas that harbor Gray Harriers, the species would vanish from France in significantly less than two many years.



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