A activity in full growth: that of the drone race. The qualifying heats for the French championship consider spot this weekend in Campel, Ille et Vilaine. The goal is simple: to fly your gear as rapidly as feasible via obstructions installed on a circuit.


Various enthusiasts of modeling occur collectively this weekend, in Campel, Ille-et-Vilaine, to attend the to start with qualifying heats of the French championship of drones. A to start with in the division. The levels of competition is only introduced for 3 yrs considering that the discipline is nonetheless younger. Concretely, of the 50 participants of the weekend, these who will be classified among the 32 greatest gamers this Sunday evening will be capable to participate in the championship of France in the coming months. You can adhere to the qualifying races on the online if you want.

It is not normally that we have as quite a few participants slips Frédéric, 1 of the spectators and a time organizer of the levels of competition in Brittany. regular about thirty gamers. “

“It&#39s like flying an plane”

The goal is simple: the competitors should make their gear pass as rapidly as feasible via numerous doors on a effectively outlined circuit. Right after three laps of observe, 1 should land on the complete spot, delimited by four cones.

These maneuvers, Thomas Grout, alias Thomas Hawke, on the circuit, sixteen yrs, is aware of them effectively. It is the champion of France junior in title and current 2nd of the championship of the grownup globe. “Piloting a drone is like piloting an plane” he explains. Appears easier like that? No, perhaps not. “The sensation is just remarkable!”

On the location, as quite a few younger as of “old”. Individuals share the same motivation to have pleasurable, goggles on the nose. “ It is like a cockpit of an aircraft in reality, with the digicam of the drone that is integrated. It is like a formulation 1 of the airs embarked “Thomas describes. “The” old “are not necessarily a downside in contrast to the youngest but are nonetheless a lot less nuts on the circuit,” smiles Frederic, who is also the father of Thomas. But it is correct that young adults plainly have an edge “

The “old” do not necessarily have a downside in contrast to the youngest but are nonetheless a lot less nuts on the circuit. But, it is correct that young adults plainly have an edge “, Frédéric

Players get prepared for a spherical – Radio France “itemprop =” contentUrl “width =” 860 “/>

 The tent of the players with their equipment, which takes a lot of space - Radio France
The gamers&#39 tent with their devices, which usually takes up a large amount of space © Radio France
                            – The globe range 1 at nine yrs old

The gamers occur with their drone (numerous instances), a suitcase full of propellers, their manage and their glasses. The complete can expense up to 800 euros for a products of very good excellent. We are significantly from the so-identified as “common” sports activities that only demands a hundred euros to spend. But this activity is certain to improve and turn into much more obtainable to all. As has been claimed, there are as quite a few younger as they are young that day at the sports activities industry of Campel but there is plainly an edge for the modest types.

At the moment, the globe championship of drone is disputed right up until mid-November and for the moment, the 1 who dominates the debates, is only nine yrs old . He&#39s spanish. The 2nd is Thomas Grout, our Breton, with his sixteen yrs, who nonetheless has a few weeks forward of him to hope to surpass him.


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